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You can click on each header to find more information on each rule.


If you disregard any of the following rules, you will get an infraction. Read for more information this thread for more information about that.


To use any of our online services, the minimum age requirement is 13 years of age. If you are below the age of 13, you are not allowed to use any of our web services (Reason: COPPA)


This list of rules is not all-inclusive. Just because something's not here doesn't mean it's not wrong. Do not be a rules lawyer.


Do not steal content from other people and claim it as yours. Do not use content from Sketchup Warehouse or other games. Do not use copyrighted content without written permission of the original authors. Do not show pictures or videos of stolen content. More details: STOLEN CONTENT


Don't insult other members. Do not tell members to kill themselves or things in that category, there will be hard consequences.


Don't be an idiot. Moderators are given a little leeway when dealing with rules breakers, especially repeat offenders. Do NOT backtalk moderators or administrators. EVER.


Do not backseat moderate. If you see something wrong, chances are a moderator will get to it soon. If it's a minor problem, ignore it. If it's a major problem, use the Report To Moderator link. Do not start or contribute to a flamewar. Report Button.png


Do not beg, whine, or pester. Don't ask for or when anything will be released. Don't ask for updates. Don't ask for betas.


Do not bump topics. Do not use memes. Don't reply just to reply - write something useful.


Search before asking questions.


Don't use IRC/CHAT/AOL speak. Use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Don't TYPE IN ALL CAPS! Don't spam with emoticons.


One account per person. One person per account. One topic per subject. One post per problem. One thread per company. One company per user. Any particular thing should appear just once - don't waste resources.


No profanity.


No external links for anything bad (viruses, porn, warez) or anything requiring money (donation sites, software, services).


Do not post your email. Do not post public details such as your address or real name unless you are considered an adult in the country you reside.


Use the language of the board - except in the language boards, this is English. You may use multiple languages that all say the same thing as long as one of them is the board's language.


The preferred method for adding images to posts is to click the "Browse" link below the typing area of a post, and attaching images there. Pictures are automatically uploaded when you submit your post. You may edit pictures later if needed. In huge screenshot threads (Random Screens, Development Screens) it is obligatory to use the internal attachment system of the forum to improve performance.

Please do not use services like imageshack to show images as the images are getting deleted over there after a certain time! Please note this does not apply to signatures.


You can find the guidelines for forum signatures by clicking on this link.


The RoR-Blog ( see http://www.rigsofrods.com/blog.php) is moderated. Blogs not related directly to RoR, RoR-mods and/or RoR-Development will be deleted without warning. Do not abuse the Blog for any off-topic, personal use or for profanity. All forum guidelines apply here as well (see above).


The written guidelines will change with time. Things will be added and updated. But it is not to be expected that all bad behaviours will appear here. You are expected to try your best not to break any guidelines, and to be a positive contributor, rather than a problem contributor.


This page may not be edited by normal forum members! If you want to the page grammatically, contact a moderator before doing so.


Use this code on the forum to link to this guideline: [wiki]Forum_Guidelines#[/wiki]


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