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Note: Tutorials marked red are currently not available!
  1. Introduction
  2. Working Environment
  3. Land-based Vehicles and Basics
    1. Basic Requirements
    2. First Beams/Nodes
    3. Rigidity
    4. Wheels
    5. Engine
    6. Suspension
    7. Steering
    8. Commands
    9. Hooks
    10. Submeshes
    11. Flares
    12. Props
    13. Details
  4. Objects and Texturing
    1. Meshes
      1. Tools
      2. Basic Rules
    2. Materials
    3. Flexbodies
  5. Aircraft and Winged Vehicles
    1. Simple Aircraft
    2. Wings
    3. Fusedrag
    4. Engines
      1. Props
      2. Jets
  6. Nautical Vehicles and Boats
    1. Simple Boats
    2. Engines
  7. Packaging



There are a bunch of tools out there to help you get started on making meshes. Here is a brief list.

3D Modeling Programs


Blender is THE free open-source 3D modeling program.


  • Free!
  • Open-source!
  • Frequent Releases
  • Fast to use once you get used to it
  • Excellent Exporter: [1]
  • Excellent Tutorials: [2]


  • Hard to learn if you've used other 3D programs
  • Makes learning other 3D programs hard

3DS Max

3DS is Autodesk's 3D program.


  • Amazing feature list
  • Incredible exporter: [3]
  • Many many many many tutorials all over the web
  • There is a free student version.


  • It costs $3495
  • No Linux version
  • No OSX version


Inivis Limited's 3D program


  • Very easy to learn
  • good feature list
  • Ogre Mesh Exporter


  • Not for free

Google SketchUp

Google's free, easy to use 3D CAD program


  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Good Tutorials
  • Good Exporter [4]


  • Polygon monster
  • FPS Killer
  • Other 3D modelers will point and laugh at you for using it.
    • and throw rocks
      • and steal your lunch money
  • No Linux version (and don't even think about running it with Wine)
  • Really, really, really bad at textures. Phenomenally bad, in fact.

Conversion Programs

Typically an exporter will give you an XML file. This is where the OGRE Command Line Tools come in. [5] To use these in the most basic way, drag XML files onto the OGREXMLConverter to create meshes and vice versa.

About Rigs of Rods

    Rigs of Rods is a unique soft body physics simulator.

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