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  1. Introduction
  2. Working Environment
  3. Land-based Vehicles and Basics
    1. Basic Requirements
    2. First Beams/Nodes
    3. Rigidity
    4. Wheels
    5. Engine
    6. Suspension
    7. Steering
    8. Commands
    9. Hooks
    10. Submeshes
    11. Flares
    12. Props
    13. Details
  4. Objects and Texturing
    1. Meshes
      1. Tools
      2. Basic Rules
    2. Materials
    3. Flexbodies
  5. Aircraft and Winged Vehicles
    1. Simple Aircraft
    2. Wings
    3. Fusedrag
    4. Engines
      1. Props
      2. Jets
  6. Nautical Vehicles and Boats
    1. Simple Boats
    2. Engines
  7. Packaging



See also: How to get a good Flexbody


or 0.35 patch

Flexbodies are a great new feature in RoR. Flexbodies allow you to make mesh-based vehicles which actually deform with the node-and-beam chassis. This makes for incredible visual detail while still keeping the fantastic deformation physics present in Rigs of Rods.

Defining Flexbodies

Defining a flexbody is easy.

3,4,19, 0, 0, 0.027, 90, 0, 90, car.mesh
forset 1-10, 12, 14-56, 89, 1096-1337

The first line is exactly like the Props Props section. The second line defines which nodes will be used to deform the vehicle. Generally they should be fairly close to the exterior of the mesh.

Hints for Flexbody modeling

Model everything interconnectedly. Do not use a collection of boxes. While it may save on polys a bit, it looks awful when deformed. Model doors, hoods, etc. separately from other bits so that you can add them in as separate pieces later. (e.g. you hit a pole, the hood bends realistically.)

About Rigs of Rods

    Rigs of Rods is a unique soft body physics simulator.

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