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Note: Tutorials marked red are currently not available!
  1. Introduction
  2. Working Environment
  3. Land-based Vehicles and Basics
    1. Basic Requirements
    2. First Beams/Nodes
    3. Rigidity
    4. Wheels
    5. Engine
    6. Suspension
    7. Steering
    8. Commands
    9. Hooks
    10. Submeshes
    11. Flares
    12. Props
    13. Details
  4. Objects and Texturing
    1. Meshes
      1. Tools
      2. Basic Rules
    2. Materials
    3. Flexbodies
  5. Aircraft and Winged Vehicles
    1. Simple Aircraft
    2. Wings
    3. Fusedrag
    4. Engines
      1. Props
      2. Jets
  6. Nautical Vehicles and Boats
    1. Simple Boats
    2. Engines
  7. Packaging


What is a "Boat Engine"?

This engine is called a "Screwprop", which runs the Propeller, which is submerged to create a push, thus moving the boat

Setting up the chassis

To create a chassis, or setup for the screwprop, you must have 3 nodes in a triangular shape. Like so:


;prop node,back node,top node,power

The settings entered there are borrowed from the Truck Description File section of the wiki


Once you have finished making the three nodes in a triangle and stabalizing it with beams, You should enter the "screwprops" section into your .boat file, then, you can have your own sea exploration! :-)

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