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RoR Repository:

The Repository is where RoR files are housed. The Repository gives the user base a central location to upload and share their creations with the rest of the community. The official RoR Releases are also available from the repository.

General Information

  1. If you upload a file, it must be approved by a repository admin. This task should be done in three days. The file author will get a PM when the filestate changes.
  2. If your download was disabled or deleted (by an admin) look in your PM inbox or the log window below your repository entry!
  3. The Repository admins have the rights to alter/disable/delete/archive downloads in any state (temporary/active/...) at any time (before and after activation and so on)
    without explicit permission of the author and without a given reason. Normally a reason is given in the "notes" field.
  4. The repository admins may delete downloads in any state at any time for any reason or without a reason.
  5. If you unregister your account, every connection between you and your files is lost in the database (because your user is deleted then).
    This means that you will loose all control over your files, in any aspect. That means also that you may not ask an admin to modify them, because you cannot prove to be the author anymore.

If you upload files within the Repository, you must follow / accept the Repository Guidelines.

How to Share Files Through the Repository

  1. Register at the forums.
  2. Be sure to enable cookies in your browser
  3. Go to the repository and click on "Manage Files" at the top. From there, click "Upload Files"
  4. After file upload is finished, click "Add Files", fill out a field and then click on save near the field. repeat this, until all fields are filled out.
  5. Attach images, assign tags.
  6. Click on "Approve file"
  7. Your download is now published, if it is approved by the admins.

How to Delete Files in the Repository

File deletion is only allowed by admins. What normal users can do:

  1. Login to the forum
  2. Go to the repository main menu and note the id of the file
  3. Write a PM to one of the repository admins and request for deletion.

How to Link to a Repository Tag

  1. Go to the repository.
  2. Look to the Tags section on the left hand side.
  3. Move your mouse to the category you want to link to and click on it.
  4. Look to the top of your browser in the address bar and you can now copy the link from there.

How to Link to Repository Files

  1. Find the file you want to link to.
  2. Click on "view details" on the right of the filename.
  3. Look to the top of your browser in the address bar and you can now copy the link from there.

How to Link to the Forum Discussion Inside the Repository's Description

Simply copy the link into the description.
You may also use the following construction:
For example: [forumurl=]Discuss here[/forumurl]

How to Embed Youtube Videos in the Files Description

Links in the form "" will be replaced with an embedded player.


I cannot login into the Repository!

You must have cookies enabled!

I can't unregister uploads

Users can just archive the download. Only admins may delete files.

Can I get a list of files i have uploaded?

Sure, click on "Manage Files" in the Repository

How can i speed up the downloads?

  1. Get Firefox (
  2. Install the DownThemAll extension (

Things that will be rejected instantly

  1. Speed mods of a vehicle or other very simple mods
  2. Cars/stuff for other games (or other: any non RoR stuff)
  3. Poor quality skins
  4. Uploads without a description

Truck files show up in browser

  • Be sure to RIGHT CLICK -> SAVE AS.