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Here I will show you how to place objects on a terrain in all recent versions of RoR without using the Terrain Editor Truck or any tool other than a simple text editor.

I expect that if you're looking to see how to place objects on a terrain, you know that you open a .terrn file with Notepad or any similar text editor.


Placing objects on a terrain in version 0.38 and under

Getting to the actual tutorial... Placing an object on a terrain of your choice is fairly simple if you follow my instructions to the letter.

Prepping your workspace

The first thing you need to do is create a directory in which you want to do your work while modifying the terrain. Next you should pick a terrain that you want to place the object on, if you don't already have one in mind. After you have chosen your

terrain you need to copy all of the needed files of your object into the zip file of your soon-to-be-modified terrain. Then copy the .terrn file of your chosen terrain and paste it into a directory that you want to mod your terrain in. And to make it so

that you can distinguish between the original and modified terrains, you need to change the name of the .terrn file and change the name of the terrain within the .terrn file. The name of a terrain is always the first line in the .terrn file.

Now move all of your files into the .zip file of the terrain that you're editing, open the configurator, go to the "Advanced" tab, and click "Regen Cache". This may take a few minutes, so let RoR do its thing. After it's all done run RoR and see if your changes have taken effect. If they haven't try to regen that cache again.

Preparing to place the object

Now that you've made a unique copy of the terrain, we'll actually learn to place the object.

The first thing you do when placing an object is find where you want the object to go on the terrain. After you've found where you want the object to go, you need to find the coordinates of that spot. To do this, you press "h"

while standing in that place as RoRBot, or even being in a car will work. Once you've pressed "h" don't be alarmed if nothing appears on the screen, the coordinates that you

just had RoR calculate were output into the "RoR.log". The RoR.log is located in "C:/Documents/Rigs of Rods 0.38/config". Now that you've located the RoR.log you need to find the coordinates of the spot on your terrain within the RoR.log, they

should be in the last few lines in the RoR.log and it will be six decimal numbers seperated by commas. What each number means is "X-axis coordinate of object, Y-axis coordinate of object, Z-axis coordinate of object, X-axis rotation of object, Y-axis

rotation of object, Z-axis rotation of object". If they aren't in the RoR.log, you've done something wrong, so go back and repeat the process. If they are there, jump up and say yay! You now have the coordinates of where you want your object to go!

Actually placing the object on your terrain

So now you're probably thinking "Great, what am I supposed to do with these?! How do these seemingly random numbers place the object?!" Well that's what I'm about to explain.

To place the object, you open your .terrn file and go to the bottom, but not below the "end" tag, and create a "comment" using two forward slashes with a name or word behind it, the reason for making a comment is to easily find the placement of

the object if you need to change anything in the future. An example of a comment is "//MyObject", without the commas of course. After you've commented the section, you need to copy the placement that the RoR.log gave you to right under the

comment and add the name of your object, without ".mesh" at the end, to the end of the line. Adding that tells RoR what object to use at those coordinates. Now save your .terrn file and copy it into the zip file of the terrain you placed it on, then

run RoR and load your terrain to check your placement. Be sure to save the .terrn file frequently so you don't lose any progress by accident, and be sure to copy the terrain into your terrains' directory each time you test the placement.

If your placement doesn't work properly, just contact me on the RoR forum.

Doing the same for version 0.4.0 and higher

The only difference in placing an object on a RoR 0.4.0 or higher terrain is where you put the placement lines for your object, instead of putting them with the placement of all the other objects in the .terrn file, you put them in the .tobj file of the

terrain you're placing the object on. You'll find that all of the object placement lines are now in the .tobj, that's a part of the new terrain system that RoR 0.4.0 uses. But you still need to create a copy of the terrain that you're modifying

and change the name of both the .terrn2 file and the in-game name of the terrain within the .terrn2 file. The in-game name of the terrain is under the "[General]" tag in the .terrn2 file.

--Made in the hopes of teaching people how to place objects in a simple and easy way by DODGE charger.

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