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This little page can guide you through the maze of RoR's folders.


This is the root folder, typicaly C:\Program Files\Rigs of Rods 0.38. It contains the RoR, updater, server, script compiler and Configurator binaries.


This is where the different translations/languages are stored.


This is where the following resources are stored in zip files:

  • airfoils - where airfoil files are stored.
  • hydrax - where files for the hydrax water rendering system are stored.
  • materials - where built-in materials and shaders are stored.
  • meshes - where built-in meshes and odef files are stored.
  • mygui - where MyGUI (the GUI system in RoR) files are stored.
  • OgreCore - where ogre library files are stored.
  • overlays - where the .overlay files for things like the dashboard are stored.
  • paged - where textures for the paged geometry (Trees, grass ect.) are stored.
  • particles - where particle files are stored.
  • scripts - where scripts for built-in races and missions are stored.
  • sounds - where the default sounds and soundscripts is stored.
  • textures - where the textures are stored for the built-in meshes.


Used when the "Rigs Of Rods" folder does not exist in "My Documents", the skeleton folder is copied to My Documents and re-named "Rigs Of Rods"


This place is where the mods that are included in the release are stored.

My Documents/Rigs Of Rods

This is where main mods, logs and configuration files are stored. It is also where the screenshots are saved.


This is the cache folder.


Where configuration files and the skidmark textures are stored.


Where the logs are stored, this is where you go to find your RoR.log that a lot of members will ask for if you have problems.


Where mods downloaded from the repo are stored in zips. For more information: Installing_Files_from_the_Repository_post_0.36


Where terrains are stored for working on. For more information: Installing_Files_from_the_Repository_post_0.36


Where vehicles are stored for working on. For more information: Installing_Files_from_the_Repository_post_0.36

Changing the Mod Destination Folder

1) In the RoR main folder: duplicate the skeleton folder and name it "user". If the folder does not exists, create it.

2) Create a file named "config.cfg" in the RoR main folder. Open the file with notepad and put paste these lines in it:

Config Root= user/config/

User Path= user/

Cache Path= user/cache/

Log Path= user/logs/



3) Check lines have exact amount of spaces.

ogre.cfg= user/config/ogre.cfg <- will not work

ogre.cfg=user/config/ogre.cfg <- correct line

Note: The config will not work, if spaces are placed wrong!

4) Save and close the file.

The game will now use this 'user' directory instead of the default directory in 'My Documents'

You can also change the Paths to use any other folder on your system.

About Rigs of Rods

    Rigs of Rods is a unique soft body physics simulator.

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