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this contains information about developing the RoRToolkit, this is the gateway to all information if you wish to write code or just report a bug.


Project Components

  • Starter (lib/ror)
    • This component should allow the user to select settings for the editors (ror-dirs) and check for system requirements. (i.e. disable DirectX driver or so)
  • TerrainEditor (lib/rorterraineditor)
    • terrain editor for placing objects into the terrain
  • RoR Common Code parts (lib/ror)
    • common parts for all editors: settings, parser
  • TruckEditor (lib/rortruckeditor)
    • edit truck and loads


  • just have python 2.5 installed

Useful Tools

Python Editors =

Helping Out


Don't have any programming experience but still want to help the toolkit out? look here for more information


Check here if you feel comfortable with python, or are willing to learn. This section is reserved for implementing and designing the toolkit.

Getting Started

This section will be filled out further in the future.

  • Installing Eclipse
  • Installing Pydev
  • Installing Subclipse
  • Setting Up Your Environment
  • Creating and submitting patches

Get the Sources

Subversion Repository Overview

  • trunk/ : startup files, setup files, ogre dlls
    • lib/ : local python include path, added on startup (so these modules must not be installed in global site-packages)
      • ogre/ :, no linux binaries :((
      • ror/ : shared classes among several parts
      • rorterraineditor/ : the terrain editor
      • rortruckeditor/ : the truck editor
      • wx/ :, missing linux binaries :(
      • wxogre/ : self - written implementation of ogre for wxWidgets (wxPython)
    • devtools/
      • originalcode/ : various code by pricorde
  • branches/
    • dev/ : linux branch this contains code specific for the linux version
  • tags/ : unused

To Be Done

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    Rigs of Rods is a unique soft body physics simulator.

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