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Welcome to the Rigs of Rods Wiki!

The goal of this Wiki is to document files format used by Rigs Of Rods, to allow content creators to modify and create content for the game. It hosts also the FAQ.
First, a word of caution: Rigs of Rods is still under development, and file formats may change at any moment, as well as semantics and physics behavior, so your creation may not work on the next versions of Rigs of Rods. You have been warned. However, I don't expect to do major format modification now, and incompatibilities that may arise should be easy to fix from version to version.

Book open.png Documentation

Truck Description File
Groundmodel Description File
Arrow right.pngMore Documentation...

Cog go.png Tutorials

How to participate in races
Installation Guide
Beginner's Guide and Beginner's Guide to Multiplayer
Installing Files from the Repository
Step by Step Truck Construction ("RoRBook")
Video Tutorial- Creating Your First Truck
Video Tutorials - Modding
Blender Tutorials
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Wrench orange.png Tools

Modeling Plugins
Arrow right.pngMore Tools...

Help.png Help

IRC: #rigsofrods at (webchat)
Language Translation

Page white cplusplus.png Developers

Developer Wiki Portal
Compiling Sources
Compiling Server

Comment.png Community

Bugtracker: Please report bugs here
High Quality Content not included in the HQ Pack
File repository information
How to contribute
Forum Chat (offline, join #rigsofrods at, or #rigsofrods at

Lightning.png Guidelines

Terms of Service (Rules)
Forum Chat Guidelines
Repository Guidelines
Wiki Editing Guidelines

About Rigs of Rods

    Rigs of Rods is a unique soft body physics simulator.

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