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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Latin (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
4892254Worst FPS: Pessime FPS: 2011-06-10 21:53:3500edit
4893290TruckCurrus per Haud Equus2011-06-10 21:53:3500edit
4894255Triangle Count: Triangle duco: 2011-06-10 21:53:3500edit
489582Sky type:Caelum(oh no it doesnt work!) typus2011-06-10 21:53:3500edit
4896266Mass: pondus:2011-06-10 21:53:3500edit
4897251Current FPS: Iam FPS: 2011-06-10 21:53:3500edit
4898292Boatnavis2011-06-10 21:53:3600edit
4899253Best FPS: Optime FPS: 2011-06-10 21:53:3600edit
4900252Average FPS: Mediocris FPS: 2011-06-10 21:53:3600edit
4901291AirplaneVolatilis Apparatus2011-06-10 21:53:3600edit
14792735AircraftElit2011-06-25 17:06:5100edit
14793605DownloadingMorbi2011-06-25 17:08:1400edit
14796422Command 45XLV Command2011-06-25 21:09:3400edit
14797654Cache regeneration done.\nRegeneratio fit Cache. \n2011-06-25 21:10:1400edit
14798726Buseselit2011-06-25 21:10:2800edit
14849435toggle translucency of overview-maptoggle translucency of overveiw map2011-06-29 23:26:2400edit
14850555move character downmoueri animam mores2011-06-29 23:26:5300edit
23432556save position as slot 1-2013-12-31 07:49:4000edit
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 31/12/13pandabearLatincreated value55623432translation created: -...
on 29/6/11pandabearLatincreated value55514850translation created: moueri animam mores...
on 29/6/11pandabearLatincreated value43514849translation created: toggle translucency of overveiw map...
on 25/6/11pandabearLatincreated value72614798translation created: elit...
on 25/6/11pandabearLatincreated value65414797translation created: Regeneratio fit Cache. \n...
on 25/6/11pandabearLatincreated value42214796translation created: XLV Command...
on 25/6/11pandabearLatinupdated value73514792translation updated. old: "Aircraft", new: "Elit"...
on 25/6/11pandabearLatincreated value60514793translation created: Morbi...
on 25/6/11pandabearLatincreated value73514792translation created: Aircraft...
on 14/6/11Flexbody loverLatinupdated value824895translation updated. old: "Divum typus", new: "Caelum(oh no it doesnt work!) typus"...
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.po file
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