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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Korean (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
21636603Already up to date, no need to update이미 최신버전입니다, 업데이트를 하지 않으셔도 됩니다.2012-08-14 13:59:4500edit
21637128Inertia feedback level:관성값 레벨:2012-08-14 14:09:3700edit
21638162Disable Overview Map인덱스 맵 설정해제2012-08-14 14:11:4000edit
21639775FX Type특수효과 타입2012-08-14 14:13:2700edit
21640307Mod Number: 모드 넘버:2012-08-14 14:13:3600edit
2164124Debug디버깅2012-08-14 14:13:4500edit
21642220Low range selected저범위 선택됨2012-08-14 14:16:1900edit
21643518shift directly to 13th gear기어를 13번으로 바꾸세요.2012-08-14 14:17:4700edit
21644960These settings are for debugging RoR in various ways.\nIf you do not know how to use these features, stay away from them.이 설정들은 여러가지 방법으로 RoR 디버깅을하는데 도움을줍니다.어떻게 쓰는지 모른다면, 건들지마세요.2012-08-14 14:20:5600edit
21645248Friction Help: 마찰력 도움말:2012-08-14 14:21:1800edit
21646328Your ground configuration is too old, please copy skeleton/config/ground_models.cfg to My Documents/Rigs of Rods/config땅 구성요소가 너무 오래됬습니다. skeleton/config/ground_models.cfg파일을 My Documents/Rigs of Rods/config폴더로 복사하세요.2012-08-14 14:23:2800edit
21647727Tractors트랙터2012-08-14 14:24:3700edit
21648215Automatic shift자동 기어2012-08-14 14:25:2700edit
21649841Establishing network session: error sending hello네트워크 환경 구축: Hello 전송 에러2012-08-14 14:28:1200edit
21650135Click on blue hyperlinks to select a server.서버 선택을 위해 파란색 링크를 클릭하세요.2012-08-14 14:30:0200edit
21651887show Node numbers노드 넘버 보기2012-08-14 14:30:1300edit
21652777FX Colour특수효과 색상2012-08-14 14:30:2900edit
21653812truck loading state트럭 로딩2012-08-14 14:31:0200edit
21654798External외부2012-08-14 14:32:0200edit
21655618User directory restored, please re-run this updater to update the game itself!유저 디렉토리 복구완료. 업데이트 프로그램을 재시작하세요.2012-08-14 14:32:5600edit
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 3/2/13ksh12201Koreancreated value71022896translation created: 파일 다운로드중......
on 3/2/13ksh12201Koreancreated value56822895translation created: 3번 슬롯의 위치를 불러옵니다....
on 31/12/12ksh12201Koreancreated value98922832translation created: 차량...
on 31/12/12ksh12201Koreancreated value46922831translation created: 다음 카테고리를 선택합니다....
on 31/12/12ksh12201Koreancreated value40822830translation created: 명령 31...
on 31/12/12ksh12201Koreancreated value51422829translation created: 9단 기어로 바꾸어주세요....
on 31/12/12ksh12201Koreancreated value55822828translation created: 이것으로 얼마나 토지가 솟아있거나 가라앉았는지 알수 있...
on 31/12/12ksh12201Koreancreated value76022827translation created: 이것으로 얼마나 토지가 솟아있거나 가라앉았는지 알수 있...
on 31/12/12ksh12201Koreancreated value65222826translation created: 로딩....\n...
on 31/12/12ksh12201Koreancreated value35522825translation created: 낮시간을 줄입니다....
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