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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Galician (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
22231698Only current vehicle, main lightsSólo o vehículo actual, luces principais 2012-10-02 14:17:5910edit

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Como xogar en Multixogador: 1. Fai clic en Update para ver a lista de sevidores dispoñibles. 2. Clic nun servidor dispoñible. 3. Clic en Gardar e Xogar para comezar o xogo.2013-07-02 13:59:2510edit
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGalicianupdated value22923495translation updated. old: "Ajustes de friccion", new: "Axustes de friccion"...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGalicianupdated value99723493translation updated. old: "Activar control de crucero", new: "Activar control de cruceiro"...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGalicianupdated value26323492translation updated. old: "Sin información de autor disponible", new: "Sen información de autor di...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGalicianupdated value17123490translation updated. old: "Nuevo Lenguaje seleccionado ", new: "Nova Lingua seleccionada"...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value94423496translation created: Quitar todos os filtros...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value22923495translation created: Ajustes de friccion...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value36623494translation created: Acercar camara...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value99723493translation created: Activar control de crucero...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value26323492translation created: Sin información de autor disponible...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value46823491translation created: seleccionar categoría anterior...
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