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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Galician (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
16839545full airbrakesaleróns a tope2011-09-27 19:03:1500edit
16840418Command 41comando 412011-09-27 19:03:3200edit
16841459increase the current FOV valueaumenta o valor actual de FOV2011-09-27 19:04:1300edit
16842476rotate object rightrota o obxeto á dereita2011-09-27 19:04:3500edit
16843452enable or disable replay modeactiva ou desactiva o modo repetición2011-09-27 19:05:0000edit
16844798ExternalExterno2011-09-27 19:05:1800edit
16845841Establishing network session: error sending helloEstablecendo conexión erro enviando hola2011-09-27 19:06:1200edit
16846554move character upmove o caracter para arriba2011-09-27 19:06:3100edit
1684716GameplayXogabilidade2011-09-27 19:06:5300edit
16848701FSAAFSAA2011-09-27 19:07:0200edit
1684975Preselected Map: Mapa preseleccionado2011-09-27 19:07:2600edit
16850216Manual shift - Auto clutchCambio manual - Embrague automático2011-09-27 19:08:0400edit
16851508shift directly to third gearCambia directamente a terceira marcha2011-09-27 19:08:2500edit
16852799Free ModeModo libre2011-09-27 19:09:1000edit
16853202Cache regeneration doneRexeneración de caché feita2011-09-28 16:02:5900edit
16854493toggle custom light 6Encender/Apagar luz personalizada 62011-09-28 16:03:2300edit
16855805Camera ControlControl de camara2011-09-28 16:03:3400edit
16856488toggle custom light 1luz personalizada 12011-09-28 16:03:4700edit
168579Save and ExitGardar e Sair2011-09-28 16:04:0000edit
16858310(no author information available)(informacion de autor non dispoñible)2011-09-28 16:04:2500edit
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGalicianupdated value22923495translation updated. old: "Ajustes de friccion", new: "Axustes de friccion"...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGalicianupdated value99723493translation updated. old: "Activar control de crucero", new: "Activar control de cruceiro"...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGalicianupdated value26323492translation updated. old: "Sin información de autor disponible", new: "Sen información de autor di...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGalicianupdated value17123490translation updated. old: "Nuevo Lenguaje seleccionado ", new: "Nova Lingua seleccionada"...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value94423496translation created: Quitar todos os filtros...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value22923495translation created: Ajustes de friccion...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value36623494translation created: Acercar camara...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value99723493translation created: Activar control de crucero...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value26323492translation created: Sin información de autor disponible...
on 18/1/14chimpinriderGaliciancreated value46823491translation created: seleccionar categoría anterior...
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