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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Spanish (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
2331465zoom into the overview map in interactive modeacercar la cámara al mapa en modo interactivo2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2332369zoom camera out fasteralejar cámara rápido2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2333368zoom camera outalejar cámara2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2334367zoom camera in fasteracercar cámara rápido2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2335366zoom camera inacercar cámara2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2336133Your network name. Maximum 20 Characters.Tu nombre en multijugador. Máximo 20 caracteres.2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2337210wrote screenshot:captura de pantalla escrita:2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2338254Worst FPS: FPS más baja: 2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2339265Wheels: Ruedas: 2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
234090Water type:Tipo de mar:2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2341178WarningAdvertencia2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2342294Vehicle Type: Tipo de Vehículo: 2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
234394Vegetation:Vegetación:2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
234436User Token: ID de Usuario: 2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
234525UpdatesActualizaciones2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2346142UpdateActualizar2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2347206Unable to connect to serverNo se ha podido conectar con el servidor2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2348205Trying to connect to server ...Intentando conectar con el servidor ...2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2349487truck hornbocina del camión2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
2350290TruckCamión2011-06-10 21:53:1700edit
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last ten log entries:
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on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value96820442translation created: establecer el máximo de Imágenes por segundo (FPS)...
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value98120441translation created: Utilidad de Texturizado...
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value96520440translation created: establecer el volumen maestro...
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value96320439translation created: Dispositivo de audio:...
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value99020438translation created: Records...
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value97820437translation created: Pulsar %ls para empezar a chatear...
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value96020436translation created: Estas opciones son para depurar RoR de diversas maneras.\nSi no sabe qué hace,...
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value95120435translation created: '....
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value99420434translation created: guardar textura como...
on 17/5/12LepesSpanishcreated value98220433translation created: #97100admin#000000,...
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