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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Afrikaans (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
89931error upon loading RoR user directorylaaifout met ROR gebruikers gids2011-06-12 10:07:3000edit
89942caught exceptiongevange uitsondering2011-06-12 10:08:0600edit
89953Rigs of Rods version Rigs Of Rods uitgawe2011-06-12 10:08:4100edit
90085Restore Defaultsherlaai verstekstelling2011-06-12 10:15:5200edit
90116Restore the default configuration.herlaai oorspronklike opset2011-06-12 10:16:4000edit
90127Save and Playstoor en speel2011-06-12 10:19:2300edit
90148Save the current configuration and start RoR.Stoor die huidige opset en begin RoR2011-06-12 10:20:3700edit
90159Save and ExitStoor en verlaat2011-06-12 10:20:4700edit
901610Save the current configuration and close the configuration program.stoor huidige opset en verlaat opset program2011-06-12 10:22:0500edit
901811Cancelkanselleer2011-06-12 10:22:2200edit
902112Cancel the configuration changes and close the configuration program.kanselleer opset veranderinge en verlaat opset program2011-06-12 10:23:4400edit
902313Settingsinstellings2011-06-12 10:23:5900edit
902514Render Systemlewer instellings2011-06-12 10:25:2800edit
902815Graphicsgrafieke2011-06-12 10:25:5600edit
903016Gameplayspeelspel2011-06-12 10:26:0800edit
903217Controlskontroleer2011-06-12 10:26:3200edit
903418Infoinformasie2011-06-12 10:26:5300edit
903719(more help here)(meer hulp hier)2011-06-12 10:27:1700edit
903820 10:27:2800edit
904321Force Feedbackwerking terugvoer2011-06-12 10:28:3600edit
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 13/8/12dereksh97Afrikaanscreated value42521635translation created: Opdrag 48...
on 13/8/12dereksh97Afrikaanscreated value53321634translation created: Skakel tussen volskerm en venster mode....
on 13/8/12dereksh97Afrikaanscreated value8221633translation created: Lug Tipe...
on 13/8/12dereksh97Afrikaanscreated value80521632translation created: Kamera Beheer...
on 23/1/12tdevAfrikaanscreated value89018974translation created: test...
on 23/1/12tdevAfrikaanscreated value16918973translation created: test...
on 15/11/11dereksh97Afrikaanscreated value36417926translation created: Draai kamera na regs...
on 15/11/11dereksh97Afrikaanscreated value85817925translation created: Vloeistof...
on 15/11/11dereksh97Afrikaanscreated value74217924translation created: Vars...
on 15/11/11dereksh97Afrikaanscreated value66917923translation created: laaier...
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.po file
.mo file

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