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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) English (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
22185499toggle parking braketoggle parking brake2012-09-29 00:29:5500edit
22186368zoom camera outzoom camera out2012-09-29 00:30:1100edit
2284511Cancel: source/configurator/configurator.cpp:8632013-01-11 21:06:5800edit
22846860OpenC:\data\ror-trunk\source/main/physics/Differentials.cpp:712013-01-11 21:07:0810edit
22847635Please edit the input mappings by hand by using a texteditor.\nThe input mappings are stored in the following file:\nMy Documents\\Rigs of Rods\\config\\input.mapC:\data\ror-trunk\source/configurator/configurator.cpp:8752013-01-11 21:07:1710edit
22848163Disabled the map. This is for testing purposes only, you should not gain any FPS with that.: source/configurator/configurator.cpp:14592013-01-11 21:07:2600edit
22849513shift directly to 8th gear: source/main/utils/InputEngine.cpp:11882013-01-11 21:07:3600edit
22850750Error while loading landuse config: source/main/utils/InputEngine.cpp:14312013-01-11 21:07:5800edit
22851670OKC:\data\ror-trunk\source/main/gui/SelectorWindow.cpp:442013-01-11 21:08:1110edit
22852550display or hide net chat: source/main/utils/InputEngine.cpp:14252013-01-11 21:08:2400edit
22853965sets the master volumeC:\data\ror-trunk\source/configurator/configurator.cpp:14912013-01-11 21:08:3310edit
22854747Error while trying to manage a new AppState\nC:\data\ror-trunk\source/main/framework/AppStateManager.cpp:552013-01-11 21:08:4410edit
23499155Can be used to quick save and load positions of trucksCan be used to quick save and load positions of trucks.2014-03-18 23:04:4100edit
23500456toggle truck HUDtoggle truck HUD2014-03-18 23:05:0000edit
23501291AirplaneAirplane2014-03-18 23:05:0800edit
23502169error upon restoring Ogre ConfigurationError upon restoring Ogre Configuration2014-03-18 23:05:3800edit
23503937enabledEnabled2014-03-18 23:05:4800edit
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 18/3/14FireStorrrmEnglishcreated value93723503translation created: Enabled...
on 18/3/14FireStorrrmEnglishcreated value16923502translation created: Error upon restoring Ogre Configuration...
on 18/3/14FireStorrrmEnglishcreated value29123501translation created: Airplane...
on 18/3/14FireStorrrmEnglishcreated value45623500translation created: toggle truck HUD...
on 18/3/14FireStorrrmEnglishcreated value15523499translation created: Can be used to quick save and load positions of trucks....
on 11/1/13DuffEnglishcreated value74722854translation created: C:\data\ror-trunk\source/main/framework/AppStateManager.cpp:55...
on 11/1/13DuffEnglishcreated value96522853translation created: C:\data\ror-trunk\source/configurator/configurator.cpp:1491...
on 11/1/13DuffEnglishcreated value55022852translation created: : source/main/utils/InputEngine.cpp:1425...
on 11/1/13DuffEnglishcreated value67022851translation created: C:\data\ror-trunk\source/main/gui/SelectorWindow.cpp:44...
on 11/1/13DuffEnglishcreated value75022850translation created: : source/main/utils/InputEngine.cpp:1431...
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