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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Bosnian (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
21963392Command 15Komanda 152012-09-07 12:53:1600edit
21964298[is rescuer][je spasioc]2012-09-07 12:54:1100edit
21965424Command 47Komanda 472012-09-07 12:54:5400edit
21966996using Online API...koristim Onlajn API...2012-09-07 12:55:5800edit
21967566load position under slot 1Učitaj poziciju pod slotom 12012-09-07 12:56:1500edit
21968994saved texture as Spašena tekstura kao2012-09-07 12:56:3300edit
2196938Get TokenDobij token2012-09-07 13:21:3200edit
2197037Your User Token.Vaš Korisnički token2012-09-07 13:23:0600edit
21971564save position as slot 9Spasi poziciju kao slot 92012-09-07 13:24:0000edit
21972251Current FPS: Trenutni FPS: 2012-09-07 13:24:4700edit
21975480accelerate the truckUbrzajte kamion2012-09-07 19:49:4700edit
21976599Installed Version: Instalirana verzija:2012-09-07 19:50:1400edit
21977309Authors: Autori:2012-09-07 19:50:5100edit
21978327Network fatal error: Fatalni error mreže.2012-09-07 19:52:1400edit
2198615GraphicsGrafika2012-09-08 18:50:2300edit
2198724DebugDebug2012-09-08 18:51:4700edit
21988266Mass: Masa:2012-09-08 18:52:1600edit
21989402Command 25Komanda 252012-09-08 18:52:4700edit
21990710downloading file ...Preuzimam fajl ...2012-09-08 18:53:4600edit
21991205Trying to connect to server ...Pokušavam konektovati se na server ...2012-09-08 18:55:0800edit
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value81823394translation created: Moderator na serveru...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value6423393translation created: Uključuje Okidače za debug poruke...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value64023392translation created: Ovo prebacuje RoR u mrežni mod. \nBudite svjesni da mnoge funkcije nisu dostup...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value5523391translation created: Debug za lomljenje Beam-ova...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value30423390translation created: Izvor:...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value72023389translation created: Automobili iz fantazije...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value80123388translation created: Kamionska kamera...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value63023387translation created: Napravljeno za ARCH SSE (/arch:SSE)...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value32623386translation created: Problemi sa uspostavljanjem veze...
on 13/12/13Wheatly_Bosniancreated value14223385translation created: Update-ovati...
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