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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Chinese (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
18567289Non-Driveable駕駛2011-12-11 14:19:2700edit
18570512shift directly to 7th gear直接打檔到到第七檔2011-12-11 14:23:1800edit
18573619Run the Configurator建立聊天對話:對不起,你被禁止: \n%s2011-12-11 14:29:4400edit
18574149Clear cache清除快取2011-12-11 14:30:2300edit
18576252Average FPS: 平均 FPS:2011-12-11 14:31:1400edit
18577367zoom camera in faster快速收放鏡頭2011-12-11 14:32:2500edit
18579383Command 6控制鍵 62011-12-11 14:33:1700edit
18580605Downloading下載中2011-12-11 14:33:3700edit
18582527hold to start the engine按住啟動發動引擎2011-12-11 14:34:3300edit
18583163Disabled the map. This is for testing purposes only, you should not gain any FPS with that.這是僅用於測試用的 無法獲得好的畫質2011-12-11 14:36:1600edit
18585673None空的2011-12-11 14:36:4800edit
18587112Adds tire tracks to the ground.請將輪胎放置適當位置:如地面上2011-12-11 14:38:2300edit
1859016Gameplay遊戲設定2011-12-11 14:38:5600edit
18592332pull the elevator up in an aircraft.請拉動飛機2011-12-11 14:40:3800edit
18594762This parameter raises or diminishes surface friction in a generic way. It is here so as to be able to do quick calibrations of friction. Start with having this to 1.0 and after tuning the rest of the surface variables, come back and play with this.此參數提出了一個通用的方法或減少表面的磨擦。在這裡所以要能夠做到快速校準的摩擦。預設1.0,其餘表面變量調整後,在回到本畫面2011-12-11 14:42:1600edit
18596549delete current truck刪除目前車輛檔案2011-12-11 14:43:5300edit
18598327Network fatal error: 網路發生錯誤:2011-12-11 14:45:0000edit
18600251Current FPS: 目前 FPS:2011-12-11 14:45:4000edit
18607104Visual effects:視覺效果:2011-12-11 14:50:0400edit
18609199loading new directory: 更新新增目錄檔案:2011-12-11 14:51:5300edit
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on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value44423547translation created: 来一张3倍屏幕分辨率的截图...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value223546translation created: 捕捉到意外...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value23823545translation created: 摩擦速度...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value62123544translation created: 谢谢你下载ROR...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value18423543translation created: 你没有安装任何可加载内容...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value40123542translation created: 第24号控制...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value85823541translation created: 流体...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value21423540translation created: 正常视角...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value96023539translation created: 这些设置是为了从多方面研究与诊断Rigs of Rods的, 如果你不...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value39623538translation created: 第19号控制...
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