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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Bulgarian (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
151465zoom into the overview map in interactive modeУголемяване на картата в интерактивен режим2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
152369zoom camera out fasterОтдалечаване на камерата по-бързо2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
153368zoom camera outОтдалечаване на камерата2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
154367zoom camera in fasterПриближаване на камерата по-бързо2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
155366zoom camera inПриближаване на камерата2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
156133Your network name. Maximum 20 Characters.Name the network. No more than 20 Characters 2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
15740You can disable the default creak sound by checking this boxИзключване на скърцащия звук2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
158210wrote screenshot:Записан скрийншот:2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
159254Worst FPS: Най-малък брой кадри/сек (FPS) : 2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
160265Wheels: Колела : 2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
16190Water type:Изглед на водата :2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
162178WarningПредупреждение2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
163294Vehicle Type: Вид превозно средство : 2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
16494Vegetation:Растителност :2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
16536User Token: Потребителски знак : 2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
16625UpdatesОбновления2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
167142UpdateОбновяване2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
168206Unable to connect to serverНяма връзка със сървъра.2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
169205Trying to connect to server ...Свързване със сървър ...2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
170487truck hornклаксон2011-06-10 21:53:0600edit
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on 8/9/12GT500DriverBulgariancreated value92521983translation created: поддържана версия:...
on 8/9/12GT500DriverBulgariancreated value5621982translation created: Дневници информация лъч до RoR.log когато гред...
on 8/9/12GT500DriverBulgariancreated value70721981translation created: не...
on 8/9/12GT500DriverBulgariancreated value86121980translation created: заключен...
on 8/9/12GT500DriverBulgariancreated value6621979translation created: Показва всички сблъсък очи в червено, за да ...
on 8/9/12GT500DriverBulgarianupdated value133156translation updated. old: "Име в мрежата. Не повече от 20 знака.", new: "N...
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on 13/6/11tdevBulgarianactioncompiled: 352 translated messages....
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