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Value ID Item ID US English (Source) Romanian (Translation) Last changed Errors Needs Update Actions
6661465zoom into the overview map in interactive modeapropie pe harta de ansamblu în mod interactiv2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6662369zoom camera out fasterdepărtează camera mai repede2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6663368zoom camera outdepărtează camera2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6664367zoom camera in fasterapropie camera mai repede2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6665366zoom camera inapropie camera2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6666133Your network name. Maximum 20 Characters.Nume de rețea. Maxim 20 de Caractere.2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
666740You can disable the default creak sound by checking this boxPoți dezactiva scârțâitul prestabilit bifând această căsuță2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6668210wrote screenshot:poza realizată:2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6669254Worst FPS: Cel mai slab FPS: 2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6670265Wheels: Roți: 2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
667190Water type:Tipul apei:2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6672178WarningAvertizare2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6673294Vehicle Type: Tip de vehicul: 2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
667494Vegetation:Vegetație:2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
667536User Token: Cod de Validare: 2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
667625UpdatesActualizări2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6677142UpdateActualizează2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6678206Unable to connect to serverNu se poate conecta la server2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6679205Trying to connect to server ...Încercare de conectare la server...2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
6680487truck hornclaxon2011-06-10 21:53:4700edit
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 2/11/12RaydanRomanianupdated value4436719translation updated. old: "realizează o poză", new: "fă o poză"...
on 8/8/12IN1Romanianupdated value2056679translation updated. old: "Încerc sa ma conectez la server ...", new: "Încercare de conectare la s...
on 25/6/12RaydanRomanianupdated value5306697translation updated. old: "dăi cheie", new: "dă-i cheie"...
on 25/6/12RaydanRomanianupdated value2056679translation updated. old: "Încercare de conectare la server ...", new: "Încerc sa ma conectez la s...
on 19/5/12IN1Romanianupdated value77220585translation updated. old: "Fie vei găsi frecarea stribeck pe internet, sau inversul (1/frecare stri...
on 19/5/12IN1Romanianupdated value77220585translation updated. old: "Fie vei găsi frecarea stribeck pe internet, sau inversul (1/frecare stri...
on 18/5/12IN1Romaniancreated value97420596translation created: Dezactivează auto-coliziunile cu un singur vehicul activat (favorizează FPS r...
on 18/5/12IN1Romaniancreated value76620595translation created: Sub această frecare, normele statice de frecare, deasupra frecării dinamice p...
on 18/5/12IN1Romaniancreated value95420594translation created: Directorul Utilizatorului Rigs of Rods lipsește:\n%s\n\nnu poate fi creat din ...
on 18/5/12IN1Romaniancreated value99920593translation created: crește viteza target-ului / rpm...
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