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Unpack the zip into your RoR installation directory, so that there is a new "languages" folder in there (works in RoR version 0.38.38 and later)
The zip is updated every 30 minutes (see languages/info.txt)


Language Contributors Status Untranslated Problems Needs update Actions
Abkhaz (ab)9740view
Afar (aa)9740view
Afrikaans (af)dereksh97, pandabear62500view
Akan (ak)9740view
Albanian (sq)9740view
Amharic (am)9740view
Arabic (ar)askar05083200view
Aragonese (an)9740view
Armenian (hy)9740view
Assamese (as)9740view
Avaric (av)9740view
Avestan (ae)9740view
Aymara (ay)9740view
Azerbaijani (az)9740view
Bambara (bm)9740view
Bashkir (ba)9740view
Basque (eu)berez1270900view
Belarusian (be)9740view
Bengali (bn)9740view
Bihari (bh)9740view
Bislama (bi)9740view
Bosnian (bs)anonymous1, P0RTALized, Wheatly_83150view
Breton (br)9740view
Bulgarian (bg)GT500Driver62600view
Burmese (my)9740view
Catalan (ca)Catalanoic, TGXtrucker000view
Chamorro (ch)9740view
Chechen (ce)9740view
Chichewa (ny)9740view
Chinese (zh)kuerys, The.MasterMind87400view
Church Slavic (cu)9740view
Chuvash (cv)9740view
Cornish (kw)9740view
Corsican (co)9740view
Cree (cr)9740view
Croatian (hr)anonymous1, BUS121, gogoatzg, HA1TER, jsain, Nightblade765, P0RTALized, Renault Bird, tin123, Zanjani1364700view
Czech (cs)Aivar, firelover, Gouranga, johny_sekac_99, masfilip, Unregistered000view
Danish (da)42undead2, cadillac8451800view
Divehi (dv)9740view
Dutch (nl)Aivar, altoscroll, Bose321, Dennis-W, jerom, koesie10, maurice825, megamadgamer, neorej16, Timmer, Warfighter.NL, X_shooter1000view
Dzongkha (dz)9740view
English (en)0429matthew, Duff, FireStorrrm95750view
Esperanto (eo)62700view
Estonian (et)adibia0, Aivar, anonymous1, FreeAir, loller26, mbrrford, Newarvuti, Raigoor9, Unregistered000view
Ewe (ee)9740view
Faroese (fo)9740view
Fijian (fj)9740view
Finnish (fi)coco, invis45, Jarski, Kuru, Road rage, Unregistered000view
French (fr)50toto50, airwolf, anoFR2, dragonofdark, fab24, Flexbody lover, hotrod55, Iguane06, Jov, json26, max98, neroe23, nugi, pandabear, Sebas1509_2, SkirataTHW, TheBlackEyedPeas1996, Unregistered, victorlevasseur000view
Fulah (ff)9740view
Galician (gl)anonymous1, chimpinrider, TapateBen, Unregistered40620view
Ganda (lg)9740view
Georgian (ka)9740view
German (de)Crystal, J112J, jules, Ruthberg, Silentgate249, sputnik_1, TampaPowers, ulteq, Unregistered000view
Greek (el)Aivar, CptChris, JohnV, theos, Unregistered14400view
Guaraní (gn)9740view
Gujarati (gu)9740view
Haitian (ht)9740view
Hausa (ha)9740view
Hebrew (he)arrelin1, NYPD Hwy 2, ronxdriver, Unregistered77230view
Herero (hz)9740view
Hindi (hi)anonymous197200view
Hiri Motu (ho)9740view
Hungarian (hu)Aivar, anonymous1, ast00, Disaster, norbert79, RoRHun, tigerk, Unregistered, zsolt_9326310view
Icelandic (is)komahoby92600view
Ido (io)9740view
Igbo (ig)9740view
Indonesian (id)jisamsu87500view
Interlingua (ia)9740view
Interlingue (ie)9740view
Inuktitut (iu)9740view
Inupiaq (ik)9740view
Irish (ga)9740view
Italian (it)AthlonX2, hedoluna, memory, Nadeox1, Piero Peluche, scania970, Unregistered3800view
Japanese (ja)anonymous1, Hagaren414, koizumi94, pandabear, Unregistered, [JP]ayanamirei60100view
Javanese (jv)9740view
Kalaallisut (kl)9740view
Kannada (kn)9740view
Kanuri (kr)9740view
Kashmiri (ks)9740view
Kazakh (kk)9740view
Khmer (km)9740view
Kikuyu (ki)9740view
Kinyarwanda (rw)9740view
Kirghiz (ky)9740view
Kirundi (rn)9740view
Komi (kv)9740view
Kongo (kg)9740view
Korean (ko)ksh12201, Oullim, Unregistered77000view
Kurdish (ku)9740view
Kwanyama (kj)9740view
Lao (lo)9740view
Latin (la)Flexbody lover, pandabear95600view
Latvian (lv)anonymous1, Ganga, MadZ81700view
Limburgish (li)9740view
Lingala (ln)9740view
Lithuanian (lt)Qwx57400view
Luba-Katanga (lu)9740view
Luxembourgish (lb)maxhamilius, Unregistered93200view
Macedonian (mk)9740view
Malagasy (mg)9740view
Malay (ms)9740view
Malayalam (ml)9740view
Maltese (mt)9740view
Manx (gv)9740view
Marathi (mr)9740view
Marshallese (mh)9740view
Moldavian (mo)9740view
Mongolian (mn)9740view
Māori (mi)9740view
Nauru (na)9740view
Navajo (nv)9740view
Ndonga (ng)9740view
Nepali (ne)9740view
North Ndebele (nd)9740view
Northern Sami (se)9740view
Norwegian (no)9740view
Norwegian Bokmål (nb)Dinz, Drifter[NOR], Epp, Funnay, Ldesu, Nrk98, Oullim, Unregistered000view
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)Epp86200view
Nuosu (ii)9740view
Occitan (oc)9740view
Ojibwa (oj)9740view
Oriya (or)9740view
Oromo (om)9740view
Ossetian (os)9740view
Panjabi (pa)9740view
Pashto (ps)9740view
Persian (fa)dariush, Toronto95210view
Polish (pl)0xsergy, adibia0, Lach Anonym, piant, pio2, StalkerPMC, Unregistered000view
Portuguese (pt)Darius, erick, itokamikazemaster, jpzeex, Mawko, pedropp22, skarllot, therock1990, Unregistered000view
Pāli (pi)9740view
Quechua (qu)9740view
Romanian (ro)IN1, Raydan, zsolt_93000view
Romansh (rm)9740view
Russian (ru)ALEX890, ALM11_98, Craftworth, DC, Dominges, gjrfytn, grintitan, liver9711, max100n, Neresar, skybon, TheMrtoko, Unregistered, veter745000view
Samoan (sm)9740view
Sango (sg)9740view
Sanskrit (sa)9740view
Sardinian (sc)9740view
Scottish Gaelic (gd)GunChleoc97200view
Serbian (sr)Aivar, Buttlamo, Flexbody lover, P0RTALized, Renault Bird, StefanDj79800view
Serbo-Croatian (sh)9740view
Shona (sn)9740view
Sindhi (sd)9740view
Sinhala (si)9740view
Slovak (sk)masfilip, srvrflhst, Unregistered, vaculciak123400view
Slovene (sl)90000view
Somali (so)9740view
South Ndebele (nr)9740view
Southern Sotho (st)9740view
Spanish (es)anonymous1, bray, Lepes, Machopilot, TGXtrucker, Unregistered000view
Sundanese (su)9740view
Swahili (sw)9740view
Swati (ss)9740view
Swedish (sv)Bonehead, scania man_96, Vondy, yhujo000view
Tagalog (tl)9740view
Tahitian (ty)9740view
Tajik (tg)9740view
Tamil (ta)9740view
Tatar (tt)9740view
Telugu (te)9740view
Thai (th)tawin5444, Unregistered86700view
Tibetan (bo)9740view
Tigrinya (ti)9740view
Tonga (to)9740view
Tsonga (ts)9740view
Tswana (tn)9740view
Turkish (tr)anonymous1, leonardo08, mold, nethouse, Unregistered, zango41500view
Turkmen (tk)9740view
Twi (tw)9740view
Uighur (ug)9740view
Ukrainian (uk)bodyanuch86900view
Urdu (ur)asyed85900view
Uzbek (uz)9740view
Venda (ve)9740view
Vietnamese (vi)9740view
Volapük (vo)9740view
Walloon (wa)9740view
Welsh (cy)PrT Audiman87500view
Western Frisian (fy)9740view
Wolof (wo)9740view
Xhosa (xh)9740view
Yiddish (yi)9740view
Yoruba (yo)9740view
Zhuang (za)9740view
Zulu (zu)9740view
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value66710597translation updated. old: "Taille totale:", new: "Taille totale :"...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value11511223translation updated. old: "Lueur", new: "Eclat (glow)"...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value82811216translation updated. old: "Polices:", new: "Polices :"...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value12611215translation updated. old: "niveau auto-centrant:", new: "Niveau auto-centrant :"...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value84911207translation updated. old: "Établissement de la session réseau: désolé, vous êtes banni!", new: ...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value86111206translation updated. old: "vérouillé", new: "Verrouillé"...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value28611241translation updated. old: "GUIDE:", new: "GUID :"...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value24711238translation updated. old: "Sol actuel actif:", new: "Sol actuel actif :"...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value82911227translation updated. old: "Programe GPU:", new: "Programme GPU :"...
on 4/5/15anoFR2Frenchupdated value81511905translation updated. old: "Langage de l'utilisateur:", new: "Langage de l'utilisateur :"...
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