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Unpack the zip into your RoR installation directory, so that there is a new "languages" folder in there (works in RoR version 0.38.38 and later)
The zip is updated every 30 minutes (see languages/info.txt)


Language Contributors Status Untranslated Problems Needs update Actions
Afrikaans (af)dereksh97, pandabear62500view
Arabic (ar)askar05083200view
Basque (eu)berez1270900view
Bosnian (bs)anonymous1, P0RTALized, Wheatly_83150view
Bulgarian (bg)GT500Driver62600view
Catalan (ca)Catalanoic, TGXtrucker000view
Chinese (zh)kuerys, The.MasterMind87400view
Croatian (hr)anonymous1, BUS121, gogoatzg, HA1TER, jsain, Nightblade765, P0RTALized, Renault Bird, tin123, Zanjani1364700view
Czech (cs)Aivar, firelover, Gouranga, johny_sekac_99, masfilip, Unregistered000view
Danish (da)42undead2, cadillac8451800view
Dutch (nl)Aivar, altoscroll, Bose321, Dennis-W, jerom, koesie10, maurice825, megamadgamer, neorej16, Timmer, Warfighter.NL, X_shooter1000view
English (en)0429matthew, Duff, FireStorrrm95750view
Esperanto (eo)62700view
Estonian (et)adibia0, Aivar, anonymous1, FreeAir, loller26, mbrrford, Newarvuti, Raigoor9, Unregistered000view
Finnish (fi)coco, invis45, Jarski, Kuru, Road rage, Unregistered000view
French (fr)50toto50, airwolf, anoFR2, dragonofdark, fab24, Flexbody lover, hotrod55, Iguane06, Jov, json26, max98, neroe23, nugi, pandabear, Sebas1509_2, SkirataTHW, TheBlackEyedPeas1996, Unregistered, victorlevasseur000view
Galician (gl)anonymous1, chimpinrider, TapateBen, Unregistered40620view
German (de)Crystal, J112J, jules, Ruthberg, Silentgate249, sputnik_1, TampaPowers, ulteq, Unregistered000view
Greek (el)Aivar, CptChris, JohnV, theos, Unregistered14400view
Hebrew (he)arrelin1, NYPD Hwy 2, ronxdriver, Unregistered77230view
Hindi (hi)anonymous197200view
Hungarian (hu)Aivar, anonymous1, ast00, norbert79, RoRHun, tigerk, Unregistered, zsolt_9327310view
Icelandic (is)komahoby92600view
Indonesian (id)jisamsu87500view
Italian (it)AthlonX2, hedoluna, memory, Nadeox1, Piero Peluche, scania970, Unregistered3800view
Japanese (ja)anonymous1, Hagaren414, koizumi94, pandabear, Unregistered, [JP]ayanamirei60100view
Korean (ko)ksh12201, Oullim, Unregistered77000view
Latin (la)Flexbody lover, pandabear95600view
Latvian (lv)anonymous1, Ganga, MadZ81700view
Lithuanian (lt)Qwx57400view
Luxembourgish (lb)maxhamilius, Unregistered93200view
Norwegian Bokmål (nb)Dinz, Drifter[NOR], Epp, Funnay, Ldesu, Nrk98, Oullim, Unregistered000view
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)Epp86200view
Persian (fa)dariush, Toronto95210view
Polish (pl)0xsergy, adibia0, piant, StalkerPMC, Unregistered3800view
Portuguese (pt)Darius, erick, itokamikazemaster, jpzeex, Mawko, pedropp22, skarllot, therock1990, Unregistered000view
Romanian (ro)IN1, Raydan, zsolt_93000view
Russian (ru)ALEX890, ALM11_98, Craftworth, DC, Dominges, gjrfytn, grintitan, liver9711, max100n, Neresar, TheMrtoko, Unregistered, veter745010view
Scottish Gaelic (gd)GunChleoc97200view
Serbian (sr)Aivar, Buttlamo, Flexbody lover, P0RTALized, Renault Bird, StefanDj79800view
Slovak (sk)masfilip, srvrflhst, Unregistered, vaculciak123400view
Slovene (sl)90000view
Spanish (es)anonymous1, bray, Lepes, Machopilot, TGXtrucker, Unregistered000view
Swedish (sv)Bonehead, scania man_96, Vondy, yhujo000view
Thai (th)tawin5444, Unregistered86700view
Turkish (tr)anonymous1, leonardo08, mold, nethouse, Unregistered, zango41500view
Ukrainian (uk)bodyanuch86900view
Urdu (ur)asyed85900view
Welsh (cy)PrT Audiman87500view
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last ten log entries:
Time Author Language Action Item ID Value ID Message
2 weeks, 2 days agofireloverCzechupdated value110695translation updated. old: "Vyžaduje moderní grafickou kartu. Přidá efekt rozmazání pohybu.", n...
2 weeks, 2 days agofireloverCzechupdated value369555translation updated. old: "oddálit kameru rychleji", new: "rychleji oddálit kameru"...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value44423547translation created: 来一张3倍屏幕分辨率的截图...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value223546translation created: 捕捉到意外...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value23823545translation created: 摩擦速度...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value62123544translation created: 谢谢你下载ROR...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value18423543translation created: 你没有安装任何可加载内容...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value40123542translation created: 第24号控制...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value85823541translation created: 流体...
on 18/6/14The.MasterMindChinesecreated value21423540translation created: 正常视角...
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