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Thread: I need help with my Cadillac Catera (Real life, not game :p )

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    Default I need help with my Cadillac Catera (Real life, not game :p )

    I have a 2000 Cadillac Catera 3.0 V6, RWD, 73,000 miles on it. While driving on the highway the other day, something either fell or broke off the engine or transmission.. but I'm not 100 percent sure it was from my car. 10 minutes after I saw that something sliding on the highway behind me, the transmission stopped pushing the car.. well, it was pushing, but you had to really push down on the gas.

    Every dial on the dash stopped working, and all the lights on the dash turned on. The "S" light (Stands for sport. It's manually turned on) was blinking.

    So, I pulled over on the shoulder to check the engine if I can see anything that looks missing.. but nothing. The thing I did notice is when I put the car in "Parking" everything on the dash went back to normal. I put the car in "drive" to pull out of the shoulder, and the dials and lights did the same thing again.

    That was all a few days ago. Yesterday morning, I was going to a doctors appointment, I tried to turn the car on, but nothing, literally. No lights on the dash, couldn't hear the starter, it's like someone took the battery out. So, later that day, I had a friend come over so I can jump start my car from his. It started, I took the jumpers off, and the car worked for only about 30 seconds, and started decreasing it's RPM rapidly till it turned off.

    The alternator is only about a week old, although, it's very uncomfortable changing the alternator on these cars. So I missed one of the holes that the screw was supposed to go in for the alternator, so instead, I was tightening one side of the alternator with the other, and cracked the aluminum case of the alternator.

    I took it off, closed the crack, and glued it with cement.

    Back to the highway story: I pulled over in a Auto Zone parking lot, and was pumping the accelerator (Letting the RPM get to about 4,000), and it backfired..

    So my question is simple.. what could it be? A power problem? Do I have to change the alternator again? I know I have to change the battery, 'cause it's drained.

    Or is it a transmission/crankshaft problem? Maybe loose wiring? A sensor?

    This is the most confusing problem I've ever had with my experience around cars..

    Thank's for taking the time for reading my novel, haha, and thanks for the answers, if any.

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    Default Re: I need help with my Cadillac Catera (Real life, not game :p )

    Well you probably screwed your alternator. So you're gunna want a new one. And these cars are known for losing the timing belt tensioner. But I doubt you lost that.

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    Default Re: I need help with my Cadillac Catera (Real life, not game :p )

    Nah, it's there, I changed the alternator today.. seems to be running good.. but there is squeaking coming from either the tensioner or alternator, but the alternator's new, so I guess I got to change the tensioner.

    But thanks for taking the time to read it and answer

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