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Thread: 1987 chevy custom deluxe 20 4x4

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    Default 1987 chevy custom deluxe 20 4x4

    Name & Year: 1987 Chevy Custom Deluxe 20 4x4 yellow
    Weight: 4500 lb M/L
    Engine Power: 210 HP; 300 Torque
    Picture of Vehicle: N/A will post later
    Why I Want It Made: Its an in-game model like my daily driver.
    Has It Been Done Before: No
    Has It Been Requested Before: No

    If at all possible, I would like it to have a tommy lift & both hitches. Tommy lift doesn't have to be operateable, but it would be cool if it was. Configuration is Regular Cab Long Box with a 4 speed transmission & a 350 engine.
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