some might have noticed some recent svn commites regarding that. What i have done:
- took MOC (
- improved it to be able to collide with static geometry (roads, objects in RoR)

stuff left to be done:
- camera sliding around objects (so it does not get stuck)
- free line of sight algorithm (auto-camera rotation)

if you want to disable that feature, please exchange the 1 with 0 there:
void ExampleFrameListener::setCameraPositionWithCollisi on(Vector3 newPos)
#if 1
if(!mCollisionTools) return;
if(newPos == mCamera->getPosition()) return;

if(mCollisionTools->collidesWithEntity(mCamera->getPosition(), newPos, 1.0f, 0.5f, OBJECTS_MASK | TRUCKS_MASK))
// collides, dont move
// does not collide, move
// no collision of camera, normal mode

does anyone have further ideas, comments or requests? thanks for feedback!
please test the performance and bug free function of it, if possible