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Thread: Creating Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

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    Default Creating Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

    I am trying to create a mod for FS2013 and i can't seem to find any tutorials on creating mods.The part i am stuck on is is ModDesc.xml.If anyone know how to make mods let me know

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    well you haven't looked around.....
    It's a good game actually, I have it, it's a change, and I find it supprising relaxing, I have one convert from fs11 into fs13.. it works fine, just the fs2011 scripts arnt supported in FS13

    Modding tools;

    Support Topic;

    Help & Support;

    Modding Help;


    Tutorials: Introduction to modding;
    Part 2A - The modDesc
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    Default Re: Creating Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

    i have a question on the same lines as this i have mods and trucks in fs2012 and 13 but would like to convert so i could use them in ror 38.67 any help with this would be great once coverted i will post them here so everybody can enjoy them

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