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download (424 KB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 10/9/08 by Trevor (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
Dry van with mesh body. There are some chrome/reflective parts, mesh wheels, a bunch of side marker lights.
F1 and F2 for the legs.

It has a node and beam skeleton with invisible polygons for collisions. I tried to keep the polygon count reasonable, it shouldn't be too hard on performance.
(The fender-brackets could have been made with less polys while still looking the same)

The trailer's width and height are correct, but it is a bit too long.
The main texture is a png, not a dds. I tried several ways to convert it to dds but none of them worked. Bad colors or edges, it just didn't look right in game with a dds texture.

Discuss here:
Feel free to modify.
    Average Rating:Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Tags:ContentPack037, Trailers Downloads today: 8, all time: 16706
    14 Mods
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    File was updated
    (updated on 9/8/13)

    download (21.74 MB), view detailsview details
    uploaded on 9/8/13 by negativeice (view files by author)
    made for RoR 0.40
    DarthCain : tires. images, blueprints, support
    DJ|Jasper : tunning, flares for rollback, mini images, engine tunning
    Jerald9000 : sounds
    negativeice : everything else

    there are 7 trucks in all
    empty frame long
    empty frame medium

    you can mod the empty frames and put whatever you want on them, although you might have to edit the frame length and frame mesh.
    you can mod the trucks but not release without my permission.

    truck controls

    f5-f6 : rotate crane
    f7-f8 : raise/lower main boom
    f9-f10 : raise/lower second boom
    f11-f2 : extend/retract boom sections
    ctrl-f1-f4 : extend/retract legs
    ctrl-f5-f8 : extend/retract stabilizers

    f5-f6 : raise/lower deck
    f7-f8 : slide deck in/out
    f9-f10 : winch
    f11-f12 : underlift up/down
    ctrl-f1-f2 : underlift slide in/out

    tilt hood for all trucks

    top cab light
    ctrl 1

    rollback lights
    big thanks to my beta testers for all there help

    modding rules
    if you are adding something to the empty frames, it must be skinnable.
    all mods must be approved by me before a release.
    Average Rating:Rating: 4.57143Rating: 4.57143Rating: 4.57143Rating: 4.57143Rating: 4.57143Tags:Wrecker, 4x2, Heavy Machinery Downloads today: 25, all time: 26964
    6 Mods
    Tims4400Rollback.skinzip(1.09 MB)download now
    by TechART
    on 4/9/14
    This is the SKINZIP for the International 4400 Rollback.It is in the Tims Truck Service&Towing company design.Just put the file into the packs need the original 4400 files in the vehicles section.
    Jaspers4400skinpack.skinzip(6.67 MB)download now
    by DJ|Jasper
    Rating: 4.71429Rating: 4.71429Rating: 4.71429Rating: 4.71429Rating: 4.71429
    on 11/8/13

    Skins included:
    [read more]
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    File was updated
    (updated on 31/8/14)

    download (6.60 MB), view detailsview details
    uploaded on 31/8/14 by Electricurrent (view files by author)
    made for RoR Universal
    Here is my first contribution to the Rigs Of Rods community:

    These sound clips were recorded from a 2002 F-250 Lariat 7.3 Diesel. It comes with 4 sound clips:

    Idle = 780 RPM
    Low = 1,000 RPM
    Medium = 2,000 RPM
    High = 3,000 RPM

    All sound clips are roughly 10 seconds long, and loop perfectly.

    (The picture with the microphone is the actual microphone used for these recordings.)

    Enjoy, and use with whatever you like.
      Tags:Sounds, V8, Diesel, Engine sounds, Audio Downloads today: 0, all time: 719
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      File was updated
      (updated on 28/8/14)

      download (21.61 MB), view detailsview details
      uploaded on 28/8/14 by blinky80 (view files by author)
      made for RoR 0.38
      The volvo-fmx 5th-wheel with the crane effer-1355.
      It can lift max 20t on 4,6m and 4t on 19.5m



      load indicator

      -green yellow :moved the load not horizontal further from the truck.
      -yellow red : crane movements are blocked ,only the booms can be retracted (f7)

      -O hook a load


      f9/f10 suspension-up/down
      f1/f2+alt cabin up/down

      f1/f2 rotation crane
      f3/f4 main boom up/down
      f5/f6 second boom up/down
      f7/f8 booms in/out
      f9/f10 boom turning hook

      ctr+f1/f2 legs turning down
      ctr+f3/f4 front leg-turning-outside
      ctr+f5/f6 legs left in/ out
      ctr+f7/f8 legs right in/out
      ctr+f9/f10 legs left down
      ctr+f11/f12 legs right down

      Average Rating:Rating: 4.66667Rating: 4.66667Rating: 4.66667Rating: 4.66667Rating: 4.66667Tags:Semi, Transportation, Mobile Cranes, Cranes, Heavy Machinery Downloads today: 22, all time: 4496
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      download (11.64 MB), view detailsview details
      uploaded on 27/8/14 by DODGE charger (view files by author)
      made for RoR 0.38
      I felt like RoR needed a new 53' trailer, so I whipped one up.


      DODGEcharger (me) - Everything pertaining to the trailer
      Skype group - motivation and support


      Dryvan and Reefer version
      Accurate and detailed model
      Flexbody suspension
      Flares2+materialflares for the best look at night
      Opening doors (Ctrl+F3/F4)
      Fully submeshed
      Plenty of ties for securing your load

      Modding Policy:
      Skins are ok to release without my permission, you must use the skinzip system though. But beware, skinzips will break the materialflares, it's a known bug. As for other forms of modding, you are required to have my permission if you want to release the modification. Modding for personal use is fair-game as always.

      Skinning templates download(PSD/PDN)


      Average Rating:Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Tags:Other Loads, Box body, Trailers, Loads, Transportation, Heavy Machinery, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 16, all time: 3160
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