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download (9.47 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded 2 weeks ago by graysonk95 (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38.67+
This version may become outdated in the future, check the thread below for latest updates.
Control map and breakdown of the different versions are located in the thread below.

Having brake problems? Stop PM'ing me incessantly and just read the thread below.

Forum Thread:

September 18th 2014:
v1.4, see changelog
Here is a 1st Generation Bluebird Vision, very heavily updated.

The 1st Generation Vision was a type C bus made by BlueBird from 2003 – 2007.

-Animated props (including openable e-door and roof hatches)
-Changeable seat and floor color textures*
-ABS, slopebrake
-District name on the side of the bus
-Selectable 8-way types (dropdown in the spawn menu in <0.39, separate truck files in 0.4+)
-Videocamera mirrors (0.4 version)


2014 Changelog:
-Includes both <0.39 and 0.4+ versions (that way if a server has both <0.39 and 0.4+ clients, hopefully you can see both versions)
-Stop arms and crossing guard operate without engine power (0.4+)
-Some new textures (including a number)
-Fixed roof texture (you can actually change it now)
-Press "G" for a surprise!
-Added full-length bus w/ wheelchair lift ("handy" version)
-All 0.4 versions have optional working mirrors
-Added shorty version
-New engine and air sounds
-Added optional new stop arms (Aug. 30th)
-G2s are now an option on the handy and shorty versions
-Added 0.38 shorty and handy versions (Aug 31st)
-Added Upgraded G2 Fusion as an 8-way type on all 0.38 buses
-Fixed door texture and flare issue on the 0.38 shorty
Sept 20th:
-Performance boost (+6mph)
-Fixed a texture problem with the rubrails and roof exits
-Animated the driver's window (F8)
-Corner of the gauge cluster prop no longer clips through the dash
-Fixed material problem on normal body mesh
-Properly calculated suspension spring and damping
-Fixed downshift issue (you can come to a complete stop from 6th gear without stalling)
-Fixed jittering/shaking while steering
-More suspension tuning to remedy the jittering
-Videocamera mirrors available for all 0.38 versions

*You can download different seat/floor textures here:
Here is the PSD for the district name, making editing it with the same font easy.

Original Cat C7 Soundscript:

Brickman & Dereksh97: Original free-to-use-with-credit bus n/b
SBF- critiquing and suggestions
Khadner- CAT C7 sounds
ROR-EMS- CM300 Radio mesh
Carsonj493- BlueBird Vision 3D model
graysonk95- Making the bus!

No public mods, however, you may distribute customized textures, no permission needed.
Average Rating:Rating: 4.74648Rating: 4.74648Rating: 4.74648Rating: 4.74648Rating: 4.74648Tags:Land Vehicles, Buses, School, Bluebird Downloads today: 24, all time: 27401
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download (34.82 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 7/12/13 by Voulk (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
Voulk's Thomas School bus pack

Includes 4 buses: Freightliner FS-65, International S1800, International 3800 and a 4x4 monster bus.

pdn file included in the pack to make your own skin as well as a bunch of ready to use skin in the spec folder

More info: Voulk-s-school-bus-pack

No mods and no taking parts off from the buses. Skins are welcome.
Average Rating:Rating: 4.94737Rating: 4.94737Rating: 4.94737Rating: 4.94737Rating: 4.94737Tags:HighQuality04, HighQuality, Freightliner, International, Thomas, School, Buses, Heavy Machinery, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 23, all time: 22178
2 Mods
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download (12.80 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 26/7/13 by Lifter (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
Hughes 500D helicopter-UPDATE #1

3 versions included: Island Hopper / RoR / ADAC

This is a small, easy to fly helicopter built by HagDeVries ( meshes & textures ) and Lifter ( node/beam, animated dashboard & physics )

The teaser video:

First mission video:

How to fly:
- enter the helicopter
- all engines on ( Ctrl+Home / Strg+Pos1)
- all engines full throttle ( Ctrl+PageUP / Strg+Bild hoch)
- wait for engines reach 100% before lifting off

F1/2: collective Lift control up / down
F3 to F8: Trims. Very helpful for keyboard users, can be used as forward flight cruise control too. ( Info in the T-screen or zoom to the trim indicator on the center console in the cockpit )
F9/10: load-hook UP/DOWN
F11/12: load-hook-cam screen fold/unfold

Arrow-keys / Pfeiltasten for cyclic blade pitch. Forth/Back to dive/climb, Left/Right to strafe
Rudder-keys / Rudertasten for tail rotor pitch (Z/X or Y/X depending on keyboard layout). Tail rotor impact reduces with increasing speed. Just like the real ones.

Ctrl+1/Strg+1: visual laser-scanner for easy pickups. Helps a lot when picking up loads in pilots view using the hook-cam screen.
Ctrl+2/Strg+2: avionic lights
"n": front light ( working flare added for night flights)
"m": beacons
"L": operate the hook to grab a load or release it
"o": operate the ties to attach or detach
"ALT-L": release an underbelly attachment ( -> load file)

Special features:
- fuel consumption..if you run it dry, you kill your engines.
Consumes fuel in flight, refuels when landed AND engines are off.
There is a fuel indicator in the dash ( the green on in the center ) and you will see warning lights.
YELLOW: 50% // RED-Flashing: Get fuel fast!

- custom sounds

- custom wingfoils

- special rotor-head visuals
Swapping textures depending on Engines RPM

- video-screen in the cockpit for easy load pickups in pilots view (use F11/F12 to show)

- laser scanner in the hook for easy load pickups ( use Ctrl+1 / Strg+1 )

- there is a LOAD file in the zip, which contains a base frame for attachments.
It will auto-lock to any helicopter of this series within 3 meters.
You are free to build your own underbelly attachments for this helicopter.

- flexbody skids

- it is NOT crash-able, just built to fly and have fun

- can lift itself:

- Update #1: Contacters added to land on other vehicles

- max external load: 1000 kg, lift-dead max is about 1500 kg+, ( warning indicator in the dashboard )
- Top Speed: 150 knots ( warning indicator in the dashboard ) You will get in serious trouble flying too fast.

This project was built in several hundreds of hours. So please just show some respect to our work and rate it fair.

Lifter was here.
And so was HagDeVries.

Average Rating:Rating: 4.90625Rating: 4.90625Rating: 4.90625Rating: 4.90625Rating: 4.90625Tags:Helicopters, Air Vehicles Downloads today: 13, all time: 19855
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download (8.09 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 19/8/14 by tatangjose (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
This is my dingo! the weird orphan child of an axial dingo and some land rover.

i only had 10 days to make this truck back in November of 2013 for a competition and not touched it whatsoever since then.


-Flappy canvas top


-solid N/B

-Purposely made it feel top heavy due to its load AND to make you to have to actually think about how you would tackle the next obstacle on your trail.

have fun!!
    Average Rating:Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Tags:Land Rover, Jeep, Turbo, Diesel, Offroad, 4x4, Racing, Offroad, Crawlers, Light Vehicles, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 13, all time: 4940
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    download (3.04 MB), view detailsview details
    uploaded on 18/8/14 by Jigsaw (view files by author)
    made for RoR 0.38 0.39 0.4
    dry box trailer with good detail modeling and texturing, disponible to tow a trailer or two trailers according to your preference. ideal for easy reskin.
    can cause errors with the brakes, the second trailer, for example be anchored or lack of brakes (this is most common).

    "L" first trailer
    "O" second trailer

    Average Rating:Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Tags:Transportation, Land Vehicles, Box body, Trailers, Semi Downloads today: 13, all time: 3192
    5 Mods
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