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download (28.74 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 5/1/15 by tatangjose (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38,0.4
This is my little Suzuki Samurai crawler. It was originally supposed to be a budget rig but as progress went on too much money was spent! The truck is inspired by a seemingly unremarkable drawing i found randomly on the internet but i thought it was cool.


- Beautifully animated leaf springs and double shackles (Rather mesmerizing to stare at while they move.)
- Heavy to extreme rock crawling capabilities.
- Light to medium pre-running capabilities.
- Fully meshed body and various parts including a super nice 4 cylinder engine thanks to Prt_Audiman!
- Custom sounds thanks to Prt_Audiman!
- Hood, doors, and windshield are openable

- Includes 2 main versions
- A civilian model
- A military version with a freely swiveling Browning M1919 Machine gun!
- One with Brown camo and One with Green camo
- V2 versions of the military truck has military wheels and tires!

1-2 crawling low gear ratios
3-7 normal high gear ratios


F1/F2 - Winch
F3/F4 - Hood
F5/F6 - Doors
F7/F8 - WiNDOW

Discuss further here - Budget-Sammy-Crawler

Prt_Audiman for the Engine and custom sounds
Community for beta testing and suggestions
Many thanks to negativeice for his Material Flare bindings tutorial
Me for everything else.


- There is a bug though on the 0.4 versions. the gauge panel on the dashboard is deformed. its not even a flexbody anymore and its still deformed so i have absolutely no idea why its doing that.

Modding RULES!!!!!!! you may mod anything you like on the truck, use parts/NB excluding the engine on your personal mods. you may only release your mods privately and never re-post anywhere

skins are welcome and you may post them on here Budget-Sammy-Crawler
Average Rating:Rating: 4.54545Rating: 4.54545Rating: 4.54545Rating: 4.54545Rating: 4.54545Tags:Samurai, Suzuki, Offroad, Allwheeldrive, 4x4, Offroad, Racing, Offroad, Crawlers, Light Vehicles, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 35, all time: 6368
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File was updated
(updated 3 weeks, 2 days ago)

download (13.83 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded 3 weeks, 2 days ago by Andrew_ (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
This is 1989 FSO Polonez 1600 rally car, group A. The last evolution used in FSO works team, pretty slow compared to the previous group B version. Locked or split differential in option, traction control to simulate the limited slip differential when it is set on"split". Shortest used final ratio (5.37).
Have fun!
Author: Andrew_
    Average Rating:Rating: 4.4Rating: 4.4Rating: 4.4Rating: 4.4Rating: 4.4Tags:Sounds, Engine sounds, 4x2, Racing, Land Vehicles, Light Vehicles, Street Downloads today: 31, all time: 2190
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    download (30.88 MB), view detailsview details
    uploaded 3 days, 2 hours ago by blinky80 (view files by author)
    made for RoR 0.38
    Kone goliath crane

    Credits: blinky80

    -divers camera functions
    -turnable seat and suspension
    -lift beam with variable cables

    Made for ror 0.38.67


    For using the crane place these coordinates in your flatmap or Island map:
    1899.853516, 156.5, 1660.749023, 0, 90, 0, truck konecrane.truck
    2356, 98.997, 2085, 0, 90, 0, truck konecrane.truck

    before use of the crane press ctr+F3 (small cat) or ctr+F4 (big cat) for choosing wich cat you will connect with the camera.

    -Press T to see the crane and lift-beam commands
    -camera function are to see in the cabin.

    Average Rating:Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Tags:Heavy Machinery, Other Cranes, Cranes Downloads today: 26, all time: 192
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    download (17.44 MB), view detailsview details
    uploaded on 21/4/14 by Jigsaw (view files by author)
    made for RoR 0.38 0.39
    Custom truck for towing vehicles from 5 to 20 tons, also can be used for light weight vehicles, however I do not recommend it.
    Characteristics: high strength, good control and stability to handle and friendly to FPS.
    Also is equipped with a digital speedometer and tachometer, plus wheels high quality.

    you choose the color that you like and enjoy!
    Average Rating:Rating: 4.78571Rating: 4.78571Rating: 4.78571Rating: 4.78571Rating: 4.78571Tags:Chevrolet, Wrecker, Heavy Duty, Transportation, Heavy Machinery, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 24, all time: 15457
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    File was updated
    (updated on 11/5/12)

    download (3.62 MB), view detailsview details
    uploaded on 11/5/12 by Lenni (view files by author)
    made for RoR 0.38
    MAN TGS with Liebherr LTF 1060 truck mounted mobile crane

    Made by Lenni and Craneman

    Do not modify or redistribute this without our permission,
    skin mods don't need permission if the skinzip system is used.

    Please read the control sheet inside the cranecab.

    The crane has hooks at the back to carry Craneman's manbucket.

    For further information and feedback go to the forum thread.
    Average Rating:Rating: 4.96Rating: 4.96Rating: 4.96Rating: 4.96Rating: 4.96Tags:ContentPack04, HighQuality04, HighQuality, 8x4, TGS, Liebherr, MAN, Mobile Cranes, Cranes, Heavy Machinery Downloads today: 23, all time: 30084
    4 Mods KB)download now
    by maurice825
    Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5
    on 19/5/12
    This is an skin for Lenni's Man TGS 32.350 LTF 1060 Crane Truck.
    I've skinned it to an "Feuerwehr Kran" With the marking 'KW-065'
    This is an fictional skin loosely based off real german fire apparatus.
    [read more]
    (one more mod here)
    Comments 25 Comments, add comments here.

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