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Craneman-Spierings60 - 1 minute ago - 1 minute ago
tacho_1.png - 2 minutes ago
volvo-fmx-effer-1355 - 3 minutes ago
tacho_1.png - 3 minutes ago - 3 minutes ago
pedal.png - 3 minutes ago - 3 minutes ago - 3 minutes ago - 4 minutes ago

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download (21.61 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded 20 hours, 19 minutes ago by blinky80 (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
The volvo-fmx 5th-wheel with the crane effer-1355.
It can lift max 20t on 4,6m and 4t on 19.5m



load indicator

-green yellow :moved the load not horizontal further from the truck.
-yellow red : crane movements are blocked ,only the booms can be retracted (f7)

-O hook a load


f9/f10 suspension-up/down
f1/f2+alt cabin up/down

f1/f2 rotation crane
f3/f4 main boom up/down
f5/f6 second boom up/down
f7/f8 booms in/out
f9/f10 boom turning hook

ctr+f1/f2 legs turning down
ctr+f3/f4 front leg-turning-outside
ctr+f5/f6 legs left in/ out
ctr+f7/f8 legs right in/out
ctr+f9/f10 legs left down
ctr+f11/f12 legs right down

Average Rating:Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Tags:Semi, Transportation, Mobile Cranes, Cranes, Heavy Machinery Downloads today: 281, all time: 282
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download (11.64 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded 2 days, 18 hours ago by DODGE charger (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
I felt like RoR needed a new 53' trailer, so I whipped one up.


DODGEcharger (me) - Everything pertaining to the trailer
Skype group - motivation and support


Dryvan and Reefer version
Accurate and detailed model
Flexbody suspension
Flares2+materialflares for the best look at night
Opening doors (Ctrl+F3/F4)
Fully submeshed
Plenty of ties for securing your load

Modding Policy:
Skins are ok to release without my permission, you must use the skinzip system though. But beware, skinzips will break the materialflares, it's a known bug. As for other forms of modding, you are required to have my permission if you want to release the modification. Modding for personal use is fair-game as always.

Skinning templates download(PSD/PDN)


Tags:Other Loads, Box body, Trailers, Loads, Transportation, Heavy Machinery, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 84, all time: 316
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download (8.09 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded 1 week, 3 days ago by tatangjose (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
This is my dingo! the weird orphan child of an axial dingo and some land rover.

i only had 10 days to make this truck back in November of 2013 for a competition and not touched it whatsoever since then.


-Flappy canvas top


-solid N/B

-Purposely made it feel top heavy due to its load AND to make you to have to actually think about how you would tackle the next obstacle on your trail.

have fun!!
    Average Rating:Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Tags:Land Rover, Jeep, Turbo, Diesel, Offroad, 4x4, Racing, Offroad, Crawlers, Light Vehicles, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 81, all time: 1604
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    download nowPontiacTrans-AmWhiteskinbyDirtGamer301.skinzip (210 KB), view detailsview details
    uploaded 4 weeks, 2 days ago by DirtGamer301 (view files by author)
    made for RoR 0.38
    This is a skinned Pontiac Trans-Am. It was originally made by Stoat Muldoon and you must get it here: 3rd-Gen-F-bodies-Chevrolet-Camaro-IROC-Z-and-Pontiac-Trans-Am

    Attention: you have to edit your truck file like that:

    Add the following under the authors line:

    ;guid <GUID>
    guid 914e9a32-b3b8-4dce-8ce5-109bf62405e7

    it should look like this now:

    fileinfo iroc-z, 146, 1
    author chassis -1 Soat_Muldoon
    author sounds -1 Prt_Audiman

    ;guid <GUID>
    guid 914e9a32-b3b8-4dce-8ce5-109bf62405e7

    Save the truck file. There will not be any change on the car, but without that edit the skin will not work.

    Then just put the skinzip you can download here into your packs folder.

    Sounds - Prt Audiman
    invisible beams - Mercedestrucker/Canadian Bacon
    reskinning - DirtGamer301 (me)
    everything else - Stoat Muldoon

    The permission to upload skins of this was given in the thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Stoat Muldoon View Post
    -You can redistribute custom skins without restriction and without having to ask permission
    The skin is compatible with the original one and this one: Skin-Requests

    If there's anything not ok with please PM me.

    Have fun!
    Average Rating:Rating: 3.4Rating: 3.4Rating: 3.4Rating: 3.4Rating: 3.4Tags:Skins, Street, Light Vehicles, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 78, all time: 1891
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    download (12.78 MB), view detailsview details
    uploaded 4 weeks ago by scania970 (view files by author)
    made for RoR
    Here is the last version of Russia for Rigs of Rods.

    This map have a long straight road in the middle of nature, where you will be able to reach high speed, there are also some dirt roads around the map.

    For better results, I suggest to set sightrange to unlimited and vegetation to full. FPS version is included in the .zip file.

    For play this map you must have in your packs folder Sputnik_1's Demag ZKE:

    -VeyronEB: House, thanks to BBQ for letting me use them;
    -scania970: everything else except trees.

    You are not allowed to make modifications and release this somewhere else.

    Go here for support: Russia
    Average Rating:Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Tags:Vegetation, Road, Rally, Terrain for V04 Downloads today: 72, all time: 1541
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