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download (98.16 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 27/12/12 by Straubz (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
This is my first attempt at making nice looking terrain, it still has some issues with FPS but does come with an FPS version.

Brutal Valley is designed mainly for off-roading with about 1 km long rock course and other tracks, but it is also good for driving, rallying or hauling.

Comes with 6 versions:
Brutal Valley (Standard)
Brutal Valley Wet (Hard)
Brutal Valley Dry (Easy)
Brutal Valley Fps (Standard)
Brutal Valley Wet Fps (Hard)
Brutal Valley Dry Fps (Easy)

Flex ramp is by Dennis-W.
Textures from Google images.
Trees/bushes by LJFHutch.
Caelum settings by Brickman.
Rest by Straubz.
Thanks to all my Beta testers that helped along the way.

If you wish to view some of the development or post your comments or any problems you find please do so in the thread Brutal-Valley
Average Rating:Rating: 4.54545Rating: 4.54545Rating: 4.54545Rating: 4.54545Rating: 4.54545Tags:Legacy Map, Mud, Hill Climb, Trial, Rock Crawling, Trails Downloads today: 60, all time: 19596
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File was updated
(updated on 8/5/12)

download (9.22 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 8/5/12 by Dennis-W (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38 0.39 0.4
Here's my jeep, it's been in development for nearly a year, it's my first vehicle that I finished.
It features:

-Seperate hood/grille, for (atleast decent) deformation (My first try):
"Deformation is awesome." -Gabester
-Dana 44 axles
-Atlas II transfercase
-Powerglide transmission

I've used real life gear ratios from both the gearbox and transfercase.
-Hemi engine

With custom sounds.
-Custom liftkit

Credits to Fat-Alfie for his shock texture.
-38" Pitbull Rockers
-Custom made rollcage
-Bucket seats
-Rotating driveshafts
-Openable boot and bonnet
-A wide variety of moving parts
-Super soft tyres

Thanks to Fat-Alfie's wheelbeams
-and lots more.

[18-03-2012]-Fixed the idle sound, added ropables, made steering stronger.
[08-05-2012]-Wheels tuning: added meshwheels2 and did some more tuning to Fat-Alfie's wheelbeams. Less bouncy wheels, better handling on and off the trails. -Minor fixes.

Video by Nadeox1:

Discuss: Jeep-Wrangler-JK-Offroader
Average Rating:Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Tags:ContentPack04, HighQuality04, HighQuality, Complete, Jeep, 4x4, Offroad, Offroad, Crawlers, Light Vehicles Downloads today: 56, all time: 39325
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File was updated
(updated 1 week, 4 days ago)

download (9.47 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded 1 week, 4 days ago by graysonk95 (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38.67+
This version may become outdated in the future, check the thread below for latest updates.
Control map and breakdown of the different versions are located in the thread below.

Having brake problems? Stop PM'ing me incessantly and just read the thread below.

Forum Thread:

September 18th 2014:
v1.4, see changelog
Here is a 1st Generation Bluebird Vision, very heavily updated.

The 1st Generation Vision was a type C bus made by BlueBird from 2003 – 2007.

-Animated props (including openable e-door and roof hatches)
-Changeable seat and floor color textures*
-ABS, slopebrake
-District name on the side of the bus
-Selectable 8-way types (dropdown in the spawn menu in <0.39, separate truck files in 0.4+)
-Videocamera mirrors (0.4 version)


2014 Changelog:
-Includes both <0.39 and 0.4+ versions (that way if a server has both <0.39 and 0.4+ clients, hopefully you can see both versions)
-Stop arms and crossing guard operate without engine power (0.4+)
-Some new textures (including a number)
-Fixed roof texture (you can actually change it now)
-Press "G" for a surprise!
-Added full-length bus w/ wheelchair lift ("handy" version)
-All 0.4 versions have optional working mirrors
-Added shorty version
-New engine and air sounds
-Added optional new stop arms (Aug. 30th)
-G2s are now an option on the handy and shorty versions
-Added 0.38 shorty and handy versions (Aug 31st)
-Added Upgraded G2 Fusion as an 8-way type on all 0.38 buses
-Fixed door texture and flare issue on the 0.38 shorty
Sept 20th:
-Performance boost (+6mph)
-Fixed a texture problem with the rubrails and roof exits
-Animated the driver's window (F8)
-Corner of the gauge cluster prop no longer clips through the dash
-Fixed material problem on normal body mesh
-Properly calculated suspension spring and damping
-Fixed downshift issue (you can come to a complete stop from 6th gear without stalling)
-Fixed jittering/shaking while steering
-More suspension tuning to remedy the jittering
-Videocamera mirrors available for all 0.38 versions

*You can download different seat/floor textures here:
Here is the PSD for the district name, making editing it with the same font easy.

Original Cat C7 Soundscript:

Brickman & Dereksh97: Original free-to-use-with-credit bus n/b
SBF- critiquing and suggestions
Khadner- CAT C7 sounds
ROR-EMS- CM300 Radio mesh
Carsonj493- BlueBird Vision 3D model
graysonk95- Making the bus!

No public mods, however, you may distribute customized textures, no permission needed.
Average Rating:Rating: 4.73529Rating: 4.73529Rating: 4.73529Rating: 4.73529Rating: 4.73529Tags:Land Vehicles, Buses, School, Bluebird Downloads today: 32, all time: 25514
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download (14.90 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 9/4/14 by tmf45 (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
this is my second map. as im learning i am trying to make maps that aren't boring as i see all the time. map making is something i would really like to get into but i need to learn tool kit, if you can help me with that please let me know.


credits to LJFHutch and Masa for all meshs.

also, please keep in mind that i hand placed all objects without toolkit

tell me what you think here; Grand-Valley-%28Big-Update%29
Tags:Legacy Map, Terrains, Offroad, Rock Crawling, Trails Downloads today: 30, all time: 5854
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download nowPontiacTrans-AmWhiteskinbyDirtGamer301.skinzip (210 KB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 30/7/14 by DirtGamer301 (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
This is a skinned Pontiac Trans-Am. It was originally made by Stoat Muldoon and you must get it here: 3rd-Gen-F-bodies-Chevrolet-Camaro-IROC-Z-and-Pontiac-Trans-Am

Attention: you have to edit your truck file like that:

Add the following under the authors line:

;guid <GUID>
guid 914e9a32-b3b8-4dce-8ce5-109bf62405e7

it should look like this now:

fileinfo iroc-z, 146, 1
author chassis -1 Soat_Muldoon
author sounds -1 Prt_Audiman

;guid <GUID>
guid 914e9a32-b3b8-4dce-8ce5-109bf62405e7

Save the truck file. There will not be any change on the car, but without that edit the skin will not work.

Then just put the skinzip you can download here into your packs folder.

Sounds - Prt Audiman
invisible beams - Mercedestrucker/Canadian Bacon
reskinning - DirtGamer301 (me)
everything else - Stoat Muldoon

The permission to upload skins of this was given in the thread:

Quote Originally Posted by Stoat Muldoon View Post
-You can redistribute custom skins without restriction and without having to ask permission
The skin is compatible with the original one and this one: Skin-Requests

If there's anything not ok with please PM me.

Edit: I think I can't add a comment, so here's my answer to Magnums question: You won't be able to use this skin then. But everybody can open a .truck file, you don't need a program for that as Windows says you. Tell Windows that you want to open it with your text editor and it will work.

Have fun!
Average Rating:Rating: 3.66667Rating: 3.66667Rating: 3.66667Rating: 3.66667Rating: 3.66667Tags:Skins, Street, Light Vehicles, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 28, all time: 4099
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