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(updated 5 days, 12 hours ago)

download (9.47 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded 5 days, 12 hours ago by graysonk95 (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38.67+
This version may become outdated in the future, check the thread below for latest updates.
Control map and breakdown of the different versions are located in the thread below.

Having brake problems? Stop PM'ing me incessantly and just read the thread below.

Forum Thread:

September 18th 2014:
v1.4, see changelog
Here is a 1st Generation Bluebird Vision, very heavily updated.

The 1st Generation Vision was a type C bus made by BlueBird from 2003 – 2007.

-Animated props (including openable e-door and roof hatches)
-Changeable seat and floor color textures*
-ABS, slopebrake
-District name on the side of the bus
-Selectable 8-way types (dropdown in the spawn menu in <0.39, separate truck files in 0.4+)
-Videocamera mirrors (0.4 version)


2014 Changelog:
-Includes both <0.39 and 0.4+ versions (that way if a server has both <0.39 and 0.4+ clients, hopefully you can see both versions)
-Stop arms and crossing guard operate without engine power (0.4+)
-Some new textures (including a number)
-Fixed roof texture (you can actually change it now)
-Press "G" for a surprise!
-Added full-length bus w/ wheelchair lift ("handy" version)
-All 0.4 versions have optional working mirrors
-Added shorty version
-New engine and air sounds
-Added optional new stop arms (Aug. 30th)
-G2s are now an option on the handy and shorty versions
-Added 0.38 shorty and handy versions (Aug 31st)
-Added Upgraded G2 Fusion as an 8-way type on all 0.38 buses
-Fixed door texture and flare issue on the 0.38 shorty
Sept 20th:
-Performance boost (+6mph)
-Fixed a texture problem with the rubrails and roof exits
-Animated the driver's window (F8)
-Corner of the gauge cluster prop no longer clips through the dash
-Fixed material problem on normal body mesh
-Properly calculated suspension spring and damping
-Fixed downshift issue (you can come to a complete stop from 6th gear without stalling)
-Fixed jittering/shaking while steering
-More suspension tuning to remedy the jittering
-Videocamera mirrors available for all 0.38 versions

*You can download different seat/floor textures here:
Here is the PSD for the district name, making editing it with the same font easy.

Original Cat C7 Soundscript:

Brickman & Dereksh97: Original free-to-use-with-credit bus n/b
SBF- critiquing and suggestions
Khadner- CAT C7 sounds
ROR-EMS- CM300 Radio mesh
Carsonj493- BlueBird Vision 3D model
graysonk95- Making the bus!

No public mods, however, you may distribute customized textures, no permission needed.
Average Rating:Rating: 4.73913Rating: 4.73913Rating: 4.73913Rating: 4.73913Rating: 4.73913Tags:Land Vehicles, Buses, School, Bluebird Downloads today: 29, all time: 26786
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download (34.82 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 7/12/13 by Voulk (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38
Voulk's Thomas School bus pack

Includes 4 buses: Freightliner FS-65, International S1800, International 3800 and a 4x4 monster bus.

pdn file included in the pack to make your own skin as well as a bunch of ready to use skin in the spec folder

More info: Voulk-s-school-bus-pack

No mods and no taking parts off from the buses. Skins are welcome.
Average Rating:Rating: 4.94737Rating: 4.94737Rating: 4.94737Rating: 4.94737Rating: 4.94737Tags:HighQuality04, HighQuality, Freightliner, International, Thomas, School, Buses, Heavy Machinery, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 18, all time: 21920
2 Mods
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File was updated
(updated on 7/1/14)

download (54.96 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 7/1/14 by Brickman (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38,
You need RoR version 0.38 or later version for this map to work properly. Don’t come crying because the map is slow and/or your vehicle doesn’t contact the roads. You need 0.38 or later.

it does take a minute or two for the map to load, but its worth it

New update as of 6-29-11
Redone Rockton spawn area
Load spawner at the airport
Added a bus station (its crappy says AL T )
Added a lousy oil rig
Fixed the height of the two load spawners at the port
Added American speed limit signs and parking limit signs thanks to AndrewB
Some spawn areas show the trees and some dont for better FPS, and easy too delete trees if you want.

Got laggg? read below:
The port, quarry, and rockton city / bus station spawn areas do not have trees for better FPS, delete the trees at the end of the other .terrn file if you want.
Port and airport only have the oilrig mesh enabled on the terrain. To see it on the other maps, just delete the // in front of the opocoilrig. It is contactable, but rorbot goes right through the oilrig.

A large mod of Lennis Opmap, which is now called Rockton county. It is a terrain that is about the size of the North St.Helens map. This terrain has almost everything that makes for a very fun map. A terrain with flat areas, farm land, hills, a small river/stream, a large quarry, off road trails, forest, port, neighborhoods, airport, a town called Rockton and Lakeville, industrial area, two schools, and much more that will make this terrain fun for a long time. Also it no longer conflicts with Lennis Opmap.

There are multiple places you can spawn at.:
Rockton, Lakeville, airport, port, quarry, farm, industrial area.

Credits and help:

Lenni: for this great terrain and allowing for it to be developed even further.
Box5Diesel: for letting me use various objects from his Baker Ranch map.
Credit to the creator of the trees on the F1 track.
TampaPowers: for helping to make this map now driveable at night and really shows the detail on the terrain.
Easy: for adding photo textures to my sketchup buildings, Rockton Easy bridge and helping with the terrain.
DNE: for the content upgrade package, like the signs, port pieces, industrial buildings, and row houses.
Silvermanblue: for letting me use his buildings from the Nadexmap and helping me with the map.
SkyWlf77: for using his time to contact Mirfi and him letting me use the Romania buildings
which were made by Beolex whom also gave me permission to use the buildings.
Thatsnice: for the airport jetway and helping with the map.
csxgp38-2: for making the rail station.
Adamwright: for the garage.
Busdriveruk: for the fire station which I heavily modified.
AndrewB: for the American speedlimit signs, parking, and school zone signs
Brickman: making it all work and making buildings

The jetway for the airport. Without it you will not have a jetway. Install just like you downloaded a load or truck.

Sushis’ vehicle lift for the mechanic garage in the industrial area.

Since it is not officially my terrain, you can modify without my permission.
Let me know if you want to use my sketchup buildings on another map.
I made the: Optimal-Mart, airport terminal, small and large schools, police station,
fire station, rock crusher, BrickVision office, mayors house, and oil rig (please dont use the oil rig it sucks).

Edit by Repo Admin: Includes a version for v0.4, conversion by klink.
Average Rating:Rating: 4.62745Rating: 4.62745Rating: 4.62745Rating: 4.62745Rating: 4.62745Tags:Terrain for V04, Vegetation, Water, Hill Climb, Road, Trails, Terrain Keywords, Terrains Downloads today: 16, all time: 75771
1 Mods
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File was updated
(updated on 7/1/14)

download (12.40 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 7/1/14 by Box5diesel (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.36.2,
New Wild West Map

New map that I made with lots of rock crawling trails. A few custom built roads for hauling. A baja race with checkpoints (timer not working), and various desert things. Make shift landing area for planes (just so they weren't left out completely).

This is just a all around useful map for anything really... Enjoy.

Discuss there:

Edit by Repo Admin: Includes a version for v0.4, conversion by klink.
Average Rating:Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Tags:Rock Crawling, Road, HighQuality04, Terrain for V04, HighQuality, Terrains Downloads today: 14, all time: 75943
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download (17.44 MB), view detailsview details
uploaded on 21/4/14 by Jigsaw (view files by author)
made for RoR 0.38 0.39
Custom truck for towing vehicles from 5 to 20 tons, also can be used for light weight vehicles, however I do not recommend it.
Characteristics: high strength, good control and stability to handle and friendly to FPS.
Also is equipped with a digital speedometer and tachometer, plus wheels high quality.

you choose the color that you like and enjoy!
Average Rating:Rating: 4.76923Rating: 4.76923Rating: 4.76923Rating: 4.76923Rating: 4.76923Tags:Chevrolet, Wrecker, Heavy Duty, Transportation, Heavy Machinery, Land Vehicles Downloads today: 13, all time: 11908
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