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  • Download the latest version: RoR-Setup-0.38.67.exe
  • compatible with any 32 bit windows version later than windows 2000 (works also on 64 Bit)
  • (1813107 Downloads of this version, 6683060 downloads of all versions)



Other Downloads

You can find all released versions on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/rigsofrods/files/rigsofrods/

You can also download the latest Content Pack or latest Multiplayer Server again.

Overview / Readme / FAQ

You can find more information there: http://www.rigsofrods.com/wiki/pages/Gaggenau


This game is developed and distributed for free, however we invest lots of time and money to improve it even more. If you want to support us by donating a bit of money, you support us to pay the server bills, motivate us to fix bugs and release new versions and keep the whole project going.

Please donate if you like the game:

The official donation paypal address is donate@rigsofrods.com


  • free of charge (however, if you like the game, donations are welcome, see button above)
  • open source since February 2009 under GPL v3

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