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New self designed crawler

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, 08-11-12 at 02:22 PM (24793 Views)
Here's my new crawler I've been working on for a while.
It started out as a little side project where I would "recycle" a lot of parts because I wanted something agile to play with quickly.
I started making the recycled parts prettier or even replacing them with new better ones I modeled and here's the result, it features:

-Chevy 6.0 Vortec
-Powerglide 2 speed
-Atlas II
-Fox Shocks
-Dana 60 Rockwell hybrids with 5.13 gears
-Custom designed tubeframe
-14" brakediscs with Brembo calipers
-RockRam single ended hydraulic steering ram
-Custom high steer arms
-40" BFG Krawler alike tyres
-Wrangler YJ grille
and more...

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Latest images:

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  1. Nadeox1's Avatar
    Nice >:]
  2. enazatol's Avatar
    Hybrid axles lookin good.
    Looks good and cant wait to try it out in game.
  3. ihwood's Avatar
    You won me over when you wrote 6.0 vortec.
  4. raiderfan's Avatar
    needs a mopar under the hood
  5. Dennis-W's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by raiderfan
    needs a mopar under the hood
    No Mopar.
  6. dockfisher's Avatar
    A stock yj possible?
  7. 's Avatar
    where i download it ? :D
  8. 's Avatar
    Im sure that when this becomes downloadable that ill be gettin it, Also This is the best crawler ive seen so far
    Updated 12-09-12 at 11:06 PM by Snake Bite
  9. 's Avatar
    im new to ror and am wondering how to download the crawler game and make my own crawler, I would really like the help