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I just figured that while I'm overusing the blog, I'd go ahead and post this.

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, 07-08-12 at 04:39 AM (25460 Views)
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  1. DODGE charger's Avatar
    Looks great, but it's too shiny for an offroad vehicle.
  2. Off-Roader's Avatar
    They're all shiny until I drive them ^.^
  3. realtree's Avatar
    bronco or a scout which one
  4. Ford_boy's Avatar
    It looks bronco due to the 2 gas caps on the driver side. We have the same year bronco sitting in the backyard! It's my baby!
  5. Peterbilt's Avatar
    I am really looking forward to this Bronco!

    302? 289?
  6. lilgti's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Peterbilt
    I am really looking forward to this Bronco!

    302? 289?

    All the options. Inline six, 289, a 289 with 302 heads (Higher compression, this is the set up I run) and a 351W. While I'm at it.
  7. Texsins's Avatar
  8. 's Avatar
    looks verryy great cant wait that will be a good offroad trail truck keep at the good work lelgti
  9. 's Avatar
    [CODE][/CODE]Drools.. OH MAN!! This is AWESOME!! Can I place a request?? My dad gave me one of his toys from when he was a kid, it was a bronco of this bodystyle. It was a Safari truck (some weird longbed version) and it was orange with stock wheels. Could you by any chance make a version like that??
  10. zman101's Avatar
    Great man, we need a bronco.