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Hey look! Something new that Lilgti wont finish!

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, 06-29-12 at 03:05 AM (10796 Views)
started today. Gonna keep at it. Maybe finish it. Plan is to be highly moddable (sp?) by just different parts included in the pack.
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  1. Dewmeister14's Avatar
    Sounds like a cool idea. Hope you finish it.

    PM me if you need help (I can type things in to the googler, and that's about it ).
  2. Ma666ot's Avatar
    DO WANT.

    Can't wait lilgti, but I guess I'll have to.
  3. Brickman's Avatar
    I love the rims. Best rims I ever seen on a car!
  4. darkfang776's Avatar
    I wish my car had those rims! I really do.
  5. hotrod55's Avatar
    cause rims are to mainstream
  6. DODGE charger's Avatar
    Looks awesome! But what's the make and model. Is it a bronco?
  7. lilgti's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DODGE charger
    Looks awesome! But what's the make and model. Is it a bronco?
    You bet! Early bronco. pre-76.
  8. DODGE charger's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lilgti
    You bet! Early bronco. pre-76.
    Haha, now I know for sure. This will be SWEET when it's done!
  9. MothBird's Avatar

    Lookin good!
  10. LT. Smell My's Avatar
    i bet he will finsh if those meddling kids and that dog don't show up. good job lilgti
  11. CarBoy's Avatar
    Well, you don't have to worry bby getting wet when it rains
  12. JohnV's Avatar
    Awesome! Btw, nice background
  13. Peterbilt's Avatar
    Oh wow, I really hope this actually gets finished, and personally I would really like to see a bone stock one, no cut fenders, whitewall snow tires, and a 302.

    Bravo on a Bronco.
  14. Texsins's Avatar
    Best. Bronco. Ever.

    I'll be listening for the release
    The good work. Keep it up.
  15. crazycow666's Avatar
    Wheels too small for a bronco XD
  16. jdog1's Avatar
    FIANANNLY its so cool im gona cry...