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Red Bull RockHer II - update 3

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, 06-26-12 at 11:43 AM (11023 Views)
It's been a few months since I worked on RoR, but seeing Tdev's latest updates has inspired me to continue with my crawler project.

All exterior meshes are now finished, although not textured or mapped. Cabin area still needs to be modelled, and textures need to be created.

Current stats (including 4x wheels and tyres) - polys: 42,124 / tris: 45,887

I intend to take my time to ensure I finish this project, even if that means taking the occasional break.
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  1. Dennis-W's Avatar
    Great texture work, great modeling, simply awesome Alfie!
  2. Yotaak's Avatar
    Wow, simply amazing! Keep up the good work!
  3. ronxdriver's Avatar
    good work man keep up the great work
  4. Off-Roader's Avatar
    I love the detail in the chassis! Can't wait for this one to be finished
  5. realtree's Avatar
    sweet this project is back baby cant wait thank Fat-Aflie for keeping this going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. DODGE charger's Avatar
    Wow, this could turn out to be the greatest thing you've made yet!

    Your doing an awesome job on this!
  7. JohnV's Avatar
    Omg! Just look at those super realistic and detailed tires!
  8. ferraridude101's Avatar
    I love your work Alfie. This is one is my favorite. I can't wait. This thing is awesome and I'm not just saying that cause I drink redbull.
  9. kona61's Avatar
    this gonna be the best
  10. zman101's Avatar
    Looks absolutely awesome!!!


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