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WIP: small improvements

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, 03-16-12 at 01:25 PM (9424 Views)
beside the big work packages for 0.39 we are improving the tiny bits as well. We added:

  • ability to hide vehicles in the menu truck chooser via TDF keyword
  • new node option: 'm' = node cannot be grabbed with the mouse
  • working on camera rails:
    basic idea: ability to move around the 3rd person camera for large objects
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  1. Nadeox1's Avatar
    Nice :3
  2. LJFHutch's Avatar
    Sounds great
  3. Clockwork's Avatar
    Looks good
  4. sputnik_1's Avatar
    Wow, that will be really helpful Thank you so much Thomas
  5. xxlonghaulerxx's Avatar
    Ahh, so basically you can choose a specific point on the rail around which the camera will rotate? Very nice feature
  6. masfilip's Avatar
    Nice work tdev! I admire you a lot!
  7. DODGE charger's Avatar
    Cool, great work.
  8. Dennis-W's Avatar
    Outstanding work as always tdev!
  9. daveywaveyHD's Avatar
    This new version of RoR is going to be EPIC!!!!!!
    Great work and very fast to my surprise!!!
    Can't wait


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