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8 axle modular platform/'s

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, 03-03-12 at 07:36 AM (14918 Views)
well thought i would make a blog post about my latest project. linkable steerable modular platforms, that are not faked. and do support real life weights.

these 2 modular platforms have 8 axles each and can support on there own 110,000kg's, with fully independent suspension and hydraulics for max stability and load capacity, drop it to the floor and drive it under a load pick it up and drive away, or load it by crane.
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  1. Italicus3000's Avatar
    Wow great work on it man!!!!!
  2. Catalanoic's Avatar
  3. Adrien 33's Avatar
    Wow, nice ! Love this beast
  4. xxlonghaulerxx's Avatar
    Great work! These will be a huge help in RoR for sure.
  5. carbon's Avatar
    how much can you link together?
    nice job
  6. fidoj's Avatar
    because of the way ror is designed with hooknodes i have set this up to interconnect as many times as you like in almost all directions there is middle, side, front and back sections that you can keep joining together. so you could make front, middle, middle, rear and make that 4 wide.
  7. malcolm's Avatar
    will finally be able to move the cargo engine to the docks haha
  8. carbon's Avatar
    do you think you release this machine?
    not a bag!
  9. ARMY 6X6 MAN's Avatar
    this didt die did it
  10. fidoj's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ARMY 6X6 MAN
    this didt die did it
    this is still a work in progress but it want work in any stable version of ror, i use 0.39.6 a highly unstable version of ror