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Train Development

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, 11-30-11 at 06:34 PM (17763 Views)
Today I wanted to show you a small video introducing the current state of trains in Rigs of Rods :-)You will see the trains do actually work (if you can't believe :P ), also switching tracks and loading other vehicles.Credits are in the video-description, thanks to everyone who contributed to this project.

All vehicles seen here are not final ;-)

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  1. tdev's Avatar
    looks nice, would like to see a skeleton view of that, how does it work?
  2. Adrien 33's Avatar
    Wow, It's excellent. I love it !
  3. BLaCK Cloud DiEsel's Avatar
    Thats awesome!
  4. silvermanblue's Avatar
    I am speechless
  5. Scania_Lover's Avatar
    Bigboy, beautiful job so far
  6. rrrrrrrrr9's Avatar
    you even have the clack-clack sound in!
  7. 's Avatar
    Wow i cant belive it!!! Its amzing.
  8. Cobalt's Avatar
    So will This Ever Be released And if so Will you be able to control it so that the throttle stays on Eg: I press A throttle 25% I press Z Throttle Back to 0%
  9. BigBoy's Avatar
    @tdev: I have uploaded a sekeleton view as well as beta files in the invited forums, basically nodes with 0 friction are used to hold the cars on the tracks, as for the locomotive there are wheels to propulse it.
    @Toctiz: It uses standart truck throttle for now, this is not trainz Maybe we will have something like this in the future.
  10. JohnV's Avatar
    Excelent progress! I am a big fan of trains and I am astonished! I can imagine a long train route in the mountains of a RoR map. (btw I am working on a 20x20 km island with height reaching 2000 meters and I would love to add a train route to that I am so glad with your progress!)
  11. 09Challenger's Avatar
    very nice work :) Can't wait for the release.
  12. 1crash007's Avatar
    If you change the brake sound so that it changes volume(gain) based on speed it will sound better.

    Here is an example from one of my soundsources

    	trigger_source brake
    	gain_source	wheel_speed_kmph
    	gain_factors	0.0	0.025
    	sound unpitched Blazer_Skid.wav
  13. Clockwork's Avatar
    Well from the looks of it that's amazing, your workmanship never fails to amaze me.

    Oh and by the way its None not Non...
  14. MrMechanic's Avatar
    wow very nice,
  15. silvermanblue's Avatar
    When this is released I want to make a version with a jet engine. And just set it loose on the map. Be cool to have actually rail crossings.
  16. Zsolti's Avatar
    That will be epic on Multiplayer
    And will be there level crossings?
  17. 's Avatar
    def awesome. can tell ALOT of hard work has been put into this.
  18. Cobalt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBoy
    @Toctiz: It uses standart truck throttle for now, this is not trainz Maybe we will have something like this in the future.
    OK Makes no difference to me i still like it.

    I liked it so much I have been promoting your blog on
    Updated 12-04-11 at 03:11 PM by Cobalt
  19. xxlonghaulerxx's Avatar
    This is looking sooooo good! Great work on everything.;)
  20. Darius's Avatar
    What the hell have I missed around here? O_o That is just beautiful!
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