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online racing leaderboard

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, 10-26-11 at 06:55 AM (7042 Views)
Dennis-W is first atm on FuturoTrack (easy):!/sort:laptime/direction:asc

nobody managed to compete with the Author Dega on Medium, Hard or Extreme


  1. SealedGecko's Avatar
    Awesome leader board and I completed it twice on extreme. I forgot how fun that track was.
  2. 's Avatar
    Looks cool. Is there a limited number of 'posts' per person? I can see the board getting cluttered otherwise...

    Keep it up!
  3. Nadeox1's Avatar
    And if somebody mod the vehicle? Won't that be unfair?
  4. Joebus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nadeox1
    And if somebody mod the vehicle? Won't that be unfair?
    Is shown on timetables with .38.66
  5. DODGE charger's Avatar
    Awesome this will make MP a lot more fun!
  6. donoteat's Avatar
    I look forward to being able to post the worst times on every track.
  7. kikotte's Avatar
    how do you do to racing?
  8. askar050's Avatar
    time to showoff my skills :P
  9. JohnV's Avatar
    Online racing ftw! Finally! Thank you Thomas!
  10. aljowen's Avatar
    Umm cant people change the friction on the map in game and then do better than everyone else?

    Not saying that i did that on my laps, its just i can see this being exploited.


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