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  1. Motorbike tech-demo and tutorial

    , 08-15-12 at 12:14 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Davded View Post
    So... erm, yeah.
    This started as a proof of concept a few months ago and I was very surprised when it actually worked.
    Inspired by "This is RoR, everything is possible (except Motorbikes)" - Nadeox1 and with some discussion with Creak, I decided to work on it a bit more.
    This is what I have learned, and there is no point keeping it to myself.

    The concept and explaination;

    Motorbikes are counter-intuitive, to turn left, you must steer right a little first and vice-versa. It is because of this that the player cannot control the steering directly (with hydros) because the response time is too long and there is no feedback like when you ride a bicycle. So you must use animators and the "roll" option. This is what we use to turn the front wheel.

    The roll means the angle between the camera plane and the ground plane, so you can adjust it buy rotating the camera. This is the main way of controlling the bike, you essentialy trick the bike into thinking its falling onto one side and it will always try to be level. In other words, you're not steering, just controlling the lean angle.

    A shiny picture to adhere to people with short attention spans;

    Design points;

    Due to RoR I didnt bother trying to get my bike too light, It wasn't a key issue.

    The bike I have provided is sort of a low geared, lightweight racing bike, enough power to pop a wheelie in first gear if you drop the clutch but will top out at about 200kph.

    Should be quite stiff with high damping to stop the bike bouncing and jigglying around. Any shaking is bad for the stabilization and control.

    The wheels should be as thin as possible and be made very stiff to stop flexing. I added a snode out to the side for both front and back wheels to stop them form flexing so much.

    I cheated and increase the grip for both wheels, because RoR is designed for heavy trucks.
    set_node_defaults -1, 3, -1, -1
    Was inserted before the wheels section, stops wheel spin and although drifting in the bike was amazing, it wasn't good for control or cornering

    The steering assembly is able to move up and down with the suspension on slide nodes and controls the balance of the bike.

    There are four animators that form a sort to diamond shape they are defined something like this;
    29, 34, 1, roll | shortlimit: 0.15 | longlimit: 0.15
    Note how the short and long limit are quite small, you don't need a large number because the castor angle on the front wheel helps the bike turn when it is in a lean.

    You can control the lean angle of the bike by controlling the lean angle of the camera, and you do this using hydros. I recommend trying about 20 deg then gradually increasing until a balance between control and stability is found. Offroad bikes should have less because of lower grip.

    I made the brakes quite strong
    I Have used animators with the option "Parking brake", this is so when you stop just apply the parking brake and "legs" will drop down and stop the bike from falling.

    To control the bike you just steer as if it were a car, but try to be gentle as sharp movements will upset the bike just like with real life.
    To steer sharper, just slow down, there is a sweet spot between 30 and 60 mph were there is great handling.
    To pop a wheelie, either put the bike in neutral, full revs then change to first, or better, switch to fully manual and drop the clutch.

    I suspect I have missed something out, but oh well.

    Thanks for reading and be sure to test the .truck file. I recommend large open maps, like that N-labs terrain or bajatrack in the screenshots.
    Be sure to post your mods etc. below and well as ask for advice if you want to do your own. I may wikifi this depending on the response.
    Awesome, first good bike in RoR! Great work

    Original thread (comment there): Motorbike-tech-demo-and-tutorial
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  2. New self designed crawler

    , 08-11-12 at 01:22 PM
    Here's my new crawler I've been working on for a while.
    It started out as a little side project where I would "recycle" a lot of parts because I wanted something agile to play with quickly.
    I started making the recycled parts prettier or even replacing them with new better ones I modeled and here's the result, it features:

    -Chevy 6.0 Vortec
    -Powerglide 2 speed
    -Atlas II
    -Fox Shocks
    -Dana 60 Rockwell hybrids with 5.13 gears
    -Custom designed tubeframe
    -14" brakediscs with Brembo calipers
    -RockRam single ended hydraulic steering ram
    -Custom high steer arms
    -40" BFG Krawler alike tyres
    -Wrangler YJ grille
    and more...

    Discuss: Fox-Racing-Shox-Crawler

    Latest images:

    Updated 08-11-12 at 01:24 PM by Dennis-W

  3. More terrain development

    , 07-08-12 at 03:33 PM
    A few more pictures, this time with HDR enabled. Added a raft at other end of map, which can be used to take vehicles over the river. Map type is offroad map; there is different kinds of trails, some easier, some difficult, some go at the mountains, some at the wetlands and mud.
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  4. I just figured that while I'm overusing the blog, I'd go ahead and post this.

    , 07-08-12 at 03:39 AM
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  5. Terrains up the Wazoo

    , 07-04-12 at 06:14 PM
    Hey guys, just finished a new terrain development pipeline. It uses the new shader I brought to RoR that supports Bump Mapping and Alpha Splatting (tutorial here). It works like this:

    1: Terrain procedurally generated in World Machine, along with up to 9 different alpha-splat layers, vegetation layers and a ground model.
    2: Terrain exported with the use of automated scripts to EarthSculptor, where manual modifications are performed.
    3: Using automated scripts (again ) all files are exported into the right format for RoR and put into a zip.
    4: Terrain is given a name and we are set to go!

    Here are some preliminary results from my profile (EDIT: You have to log in to see the pictures):

    Desert terrain with the use of 8 different custom textures:

    Sand Dunes terrain that I made after going on an ATV trip:

    This one was made to test snow:

    A very mountainous rock-crawling map:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention I also use custom Caelum scripts for the rain:

    It's also pretty low impact (I get around 40 FPS on a normal terrain):

    And the best part is, with all the automated scripts and everything, all it takes for me to pump out one of these terrain is...... 30 minutes, everything included. Oh, and it'll be just as compatible with the new Cryengine stuff when that comes out too. Maybe next weekend I'll just devote a whole day to making terrains, and just take requests in real-time

    Updated 07-04-12 at 06:53 PM by Nipash

  6. Yet another Kenworth

    , 07-01-12 at 01:58 PM
    Currently enjoying Winter Break1 and having recently completed my entry into the Local Motor's RIG2 competition2 I felt this would be an ideal opportunity to revisit some of my older mods that had been pushed aside while I've been busy.

    My first priority is to try and finish the Kenworth T908. I've completed nearly all of the mesh and texture work but my key aim now is to build a realistic, deforming N/B from the ground up. Having little experience with N/B building and having the intelligence of a potato in general, this will be a rather substantial learning curve for me. So far I've completed the main chassis of the truck. It needs a little more tweaking but I'm happy with it at the moment.

    Don't expect this to be completed too soon but I WILL finish it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1 That's right, not everyone lives in the U.S.
  7. Hey look! Something new that Lilgti wont finish!

    , 06-29-12 at 02:05 AM
    started today. Gonna keep at it. Maybe finish it. Plan is to be highly moddable (sp?) by just different parts included in the pack.
    Projects , Vehicles
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  8. Terrain development

    , 06-27-12 at 09:53 PM
    A few pictures of a new project.
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