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    , 09-19-10 at 04:29 PM (Donoteat's ULTRABLOG)
    Disclaimer: While this post is based on a true story, embellishments may have been made in order to make the post more entertaining to a wider audience. Any similarities to any persons living or dead are purely coincidental and please don't sue me.

    Throughout the years here at the Rigs of Rods forums, I have gone from stupid newbie to stupid invited member.

    Through these times two things have remained constant: my level of immaturity in any given situation, and my avatar.

    No, not the naked-blue-pagan-treehugging-hippie-communist avatar. :|

    I mean the forums avatar.

    When I tried to reupload it after the great forums switch of 2010, it told me this:

    I thought to myself, "what?"

    How could the forums do this to me? Doesn't it know who I am?

    Enraged by the forum software's apparent lack of knowledge as to the hierarchy here at the forums, I tried uploading again. Again it failed to upload.

    Panic began to set in. What will I do without my avatar? Would I suffer an e-identity crisis? How would it affect my productivity? Would I have to find a new avatar? Somehow the old backup avatar seemed a little dated.

    Perhaps, I thought, other invited members might be sympathetic to my cause.

    I posted a thread in the invited boards where I made the point that while it was nice and all to have an avatar size limit, it prevented me from using my avatar. This was clearly a violation of my right to free expression under the constitution of the United States, I stated. Furthermore, clearly if people can upload multi-megabyte image files to posts, then I can upload a 78 kilobyte avatar that loads once per page that I post in?

    It was pointed out to me that the forums weren't hosted in the United States, and that you are being immature.

    I countered by saying that I was always immature no matter what the situation, and that you have a poopyface anyway.

    Rather unfortunately, this amazing feat of rhetoric proved to be too much for them as it sailed over their heads. They told me that my avatar was a distraction and too large and to change it.

    While tdev did say that he increased the forums avatar size limit, for whatever reason I still cannot upload my avatar. I do not know how long it will be before I get my avatar back or whether it will happen at all.

    Please show your support for the increase of the avatar size limit so that I can have my avatar back before I go insane and kill everyone. Thank you.

    Updated 09-19-10 at 04:57 PM by donoteat

  2. Mercedes G

    , 09-19-10 at 04:19 PM
    I've started this project more than 1 year ago and it's the first car model I build specifically for RoR (other model have been made for 1nsane). The G is a bit a "hello world" for me as I started 3D modelling with this car in Zmod a few years ago.
    Well it starts to look like something so here is a collection of screenshots showing the development. Hope you'll like them

    Updated 09-27-11 at 02:59 PM by DeGa

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	G4.jpg 
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Name:	G8kurz.jpg 
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Name:	G9.jpg 
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Name:	G14.jpg 
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Name:	G16.jpg 
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Name:	G17.jpg 
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ID:	156177 

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Name:	G18.jpg 
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Name:	screenshot_37.jpg 
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Name:	G23.jpg 
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Name:	screenshot_41.jpg 
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Name:	screenshot_29.jpg 
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Size:	283.7 KB 
ID:	250125 
  3. Tatra meeting Skycrane...not really a happy ending story

    , 09-19-10 at 12:10 PM
    One WIP meeting another....:

  4. Land cruiser serie 70 lighweight

    , 09-17-10 at 05:35 PM
    Last project - model has been originally made for 1nsane but never released. It's very low poly and has 512*512 texture. Well it's performance friendly...
    Atm the n/b structure is rubbish I'm not really experienced with that so it surely gonna take a loong time to get something correct.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	screenshot_99.jpg 
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Name:	screenshot_102.jpg 
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Name:	screenshot_106.jpg 
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Name:	screenshot_107.jpg 
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Name:	screenshot_109.jpg 
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Name:	screenshot_115.jpg 
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ID:	156032 

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	screenshot_118.jpg 
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Size:	263.0 KB 
ID:	156033 
  5. DeGa's blog

    , 09-17-10 at 01:43 PM
    Hello all.

    This new blog feature thingy seems very cool to store all the projects by a same user - that's the way I gonna use it, showing off maps, vehicles and misc experiences.

    I also choosed to moderate this blog and won't hesitate to delete annoying posts (ask for betas, off-topic,...). Anyway I trust you all to avoid this kind of posts.

    Pictures coming soon ;-)

    Hope you'll like this blog
  6. Trophy Truck

    , 09-17-10 at 02:45 AM
    A project by philzilla and I
    Also I released the Unimog U5000 beta here

    Updated 09-17-10 at 03:21 AM by ferrettank

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Name:	screenshot_131.jpg 
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Name:	trophy interior 3.png 
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Size:	478.1 KB 
ID:	156005 
  7. dieselfuelonly's Blog about trolling the forum: DAY 1

    , 09-16-10 at 08:02 PM

    Well, todays choices were kind of limited since all the forum attachments seem to be broken. However, this one caught my eye:

    Wow. That looks awesome.


    bonjour à vous tous , je c'est que les grue que je site dans mon sujet a été retiré du site pour raison copyright .... , mais soyon sympas , beaucoup d'entre vous l'ont déja je pense , et je voudrais savoir si il y aurait quelqu'un qui pourrai me les envoyer par mail svp.

    mon mail : ***********

    merci d'avance
    Hi everyone, I love this crane so much I added a light bar and spinners but it got removed from the repository because the original owner didn't like my changes. I spent 5 hours positioning the light bar and another three hours making spinners in MS paint and now I'm really REALLY mad. I am going to perform a DDoS attack on this website now. If you want it to stop here is my email.

    mon mail : **********

    Thanks in advance.

    3. RAGE POST OF THE DAY!!!11oneone


    How do you?? Any help is apreciated!

    Thank You!
    YOU MAD? You REALLY want that trailer don't you - so bad you forgot how to use the spacebar, CAPSLOCK, AND how to spell appreciated? SOMEONE GET HIM THAT TRAILER - FAST.


    Well there are no good pictures for me to look at for WIP vehicles since attachments are broken. I'll have to wait for this one I guess.


    I like the new forum... its a sure sign that a project is growing when you outgrow a piece of forum software. I just wish the attachments would have been carried over, as looking at the stuff that people are working on is always fun.

    On another note, I'm waiting for the MP servers to come back up - I've had a lot of fun driving around with people in multiplayer, it seems to be decently stable at the moment. I still wish we could winch/tow/ram into each other though...
  8. dieselfuelonly's Blog about trolling the forum: THE INTRODUCTION

    , 09-16-10 at 07:42 PM
    Well I figured I would add something to my blog here because I wanted to see what this was all about, and how it works.

    Since I do not create things for RoR like I used to, BUT I still really enjoy reading and participating on these forums, my blog will be about... the forum itself.

    So I will try to update my blog once a day over the weekdays.

    This blog will include various things I find interesting throughout the forum. It will be divided into several sections:

    1. SCREENSHOT OF THE DAY - this will come from the screenshots section, and will simply be a screenshot that I find cool/funny/etc.

    2. THE TRANSLATOR - this will be where I dive into one of the international forums, copy and paste a post here and attempt to translate it into English.

    3. RAGE POST OF THE DAY!!!11oneone - this will be where I find the best from some very angry person somewhere on the forums

    4. SIR, YOUR CAR NEEDS TO BE BUSHED AND SET... PUSHED IN A BUSH AND SET ON FIRE - Here I will find a new(ish) project that looks like it has some potential, and share it here

    5. WILDCARD - this last section will change from day to day.
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