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  1. Bunch of maps in development - lot of pictures

    , 12-07-10 at 06:08 PM
    Hill Climb
    Last of my maps, still in development. While this map has changed a lot and many times before I set my mind, I think this final version is looking good. The aim there was to make something in the hill-climb style (a bit like Pikes Peak), so I tried to keep the FPS as high as possible for using high speed vehicle. So it has no alpha-splatting and uses very low settings for trees and rocks. Nevertheless the road uses a spec and bump map shader which gives it a real cool look (thanks Lifter). It works on ATI graphic cards.
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Name:	HC_03.jpg 
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Name:	HC_02.jpg 
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Name:	HC_01.jpg 
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    Death Road
    Inspired by bolivian death road that most of you may know (see Top Gear episode if you don't), it is still very very beta. It already took me a very long time to do this road. Running from the beginning to the end with a bus will already take more than 20 minutes and I plan to lengthen it a bit more.
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Name:	DR_01.jpg 
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    Hot Wheels track
    Thanks to Blender, it has been pretty easy and fast to build this futuristic racetrack. The map has great FPS, allowing you to take really fast vehicles to their limit. Warning to the big slopes!
    The track would benefit a lot from the addition of some objects, I don't know if I will make them... I will surely add some obstacles in the racetrack though.
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Name:	HW_02.jpg 
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Name:	HW_01.jpg 
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    Semois map
    This map basically features a terrain well-suited for Rally races. It has also been a lab for my vegetation. Uncertain future but nice screenshot
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Name:	SE_01.jpg 
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    Quarry TT
    Converted from 1nsane (as was Belgium), this map lies on my computer for a while now. It has a manually-carved quarry and a lot of trails made especially for rock-crawling and truck trial.
    It features alpha-splatting but stays FPS-friendly because of the lack of vegetation.
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Name:	QT_02.jpg 
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Name:	QT_01.jpg 
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ID:	167118

    Inspired by the Ladoga challenge, an extreme offroad competition. In the environment of Ladoga lake, Russia, you will have to cross swamps, huge and deep water crossing, muddy trails and so on.

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Name:	LD_02.jpg 
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ID:	167114
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Name:	LD_01.jpg 
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    Mud Trial
    Originaly aimed at testing the fluid ground models, this project has turned out well. It has a very detailled terrain with ruts and plenty of mud. It exists in many different versions, varying the climate, the vegetation and the ground textures.
    It's not that FPS-friendly but still OK and you won't need to get very high speed there.
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Name:	MT_03.jpg 
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Name:	MT_02.jpg 
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Name:	MT_01.jpg 
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    Trail Island
    Small island with 2 long offroad trails. It also features a floating oil storage buoy (inspired by Brent Spar) and a parabolic antenna.

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Name:	TI_03.jpg 
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ID:	167124
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Name:	TI_02.jpg 
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Name:	TI_01.jpg 
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    Deep forest
    Ambitious (too much?) project aiming to create a north-european style forest. The development of the map has been stopped because of the framerate which is already very low. It provides very nice screenshots though and may be released for the lucky ones of you that can handle it.
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Name:	DF_03.jpg 
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Name:	DF_02.jpg 
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Name:	DF_01.jpg 
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ID:	167103

    Release? Yes, most of those maps will be released soon (the ones that are pretty much finished) - probably the new repository will be a good occasion to do a gift pack

    Updated 12-07-10 at 09:30 PM by tdev

  2. how to model internal combustion engines properly?

    , 11-16-10 at 08:49 AM
    thats the question to you all, please contribute there: engine-simulation
  3. Rigs of Rods - Fall Apart Again (HD)

    , 11-07-10 at 04:09 AM
    Bad news: The trophy truck progress has been delayed because of the movie
    Good news: I finished the movie and the trophy truck will resume

  4. the future of the repository and the installer

    , 11-06-10 at 07:13 AM
    the last days i got into thinking about how to continue with the installer and the repository. I ended up with these ideas:
    • we dont need content streams in the installer. Content streams / Packs are going to move to the repository.
    • anyone can create their own content streams: the repo remembers the files your download and offers to redownload everything at once, for example if you reinstall the game.
    • only use the installer to update the game. game installation is done with traditional installations (setup.exe)
    • all minor version releases will be released as setup.

    so, in the end i hope we simplify the overall system and make it more usable to you

    Updated 11-15-10 at 09:09 PM by tdev

  5. Gavril Omega released

    , 10-30-10 at 11:33 AM
    The goal of the Gavril Omega was to take the best elements of a sports sedan and the best elements of an SUV. The result is a vehicle capable of transporting five adults over any terrain in absolute comfort. With its low center of gravity and car-like handling, the Omega is as at home in the city as it is off-road. Progressively sprung and damped suspension and precisely tuned anti-roll bars limit unwanted movement without hindering off-road ability. The Omega's heavy duty frame and running gear are designed to take abuse. It's a trophy truck for the road.

    Two models are available - the Six and the Ten. The Six's straight six diesel engine provides plenty of power and torque for most applications, but for those seeking a real performance machine, the Ten offers a 450 horsepower, 6.0 liter V10, bigger wheels, and higher-riding suspension. It'll hustle all 5200 pounds from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds.

    You need the latest Rigs of Rods updater version ( to use this.

    Download it!

    Updated 10-30-10 at 11:36 AM by gabester

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Name:	omegarelease.jpg 
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  6. AC 1000 gets its HA 100 boom

    , 10-24-10 at 04:03 PM (AIN_002's heavy lifting and transport references)
    The sections for the 100m telescopic boom arrived from Terex demag in Zweibr├╝cken
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Name:	screenshot_1.png 
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  7. RoR Promo Trailer 2010

    , 10-16-10 at 02:18 AM
    RoR Promo Trailer 2010

    Enjoy and spread the link please...

    Updated 10-16-10 at 02:22 AM by Lifter

  8. Trophy truck

    , 10-03-10 at 08:04 PM
    More pics of the trophy truck, I think the body material is perfect now

    Updated 10-05-10 at 04:48 AM by ferrettank

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