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  1. repository: now with added syntax checking

    , 06-23-11 at 07:16 PM
    we have added syntax checking and compatibility modes to the repo
    there are 3 compatibility modes so far (see little icon on the top right side):

    "OK", will load in the latest RoR version without problems:

    "warnings" will produce warnings and some things may not work, but the basics should load:

    (authors should fix the warnings it finds)

    "errors" means that the truck has serious problems and needs to be fixed. It may not even load correctly.

    so clicking on any of these icons will bring you to the compatibility section of the file detail view. It looks with warnings like this:

    and with errors like that:

    please note the table below it, where you can look at the truck itself or the parser log it produced. Clicking on the log might produce this HTML with a link to the truck file with the error highlighted in yellow:

    just try yourself

    comments / problems / feature requests?

    Updated 06-23-11 at 07:23 PM by tdev

  2. nodes2 - working

    , 06-21-11 at 12:59 PM
    yes, they are coming in the next update

    things to keep in mind:
    * transition from 'nodes' to 'nodes2' is easy: just replace nodes with nodes2, the numbers will act as the names
    * transition from nodes2 to nodes is impossible if you used text
    * only use node names without any special characters or spaces (only a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _, -)
    * you dont need to convert all nodes to nodes2 with names, if a nodes2 named node is not found, it will fallback to using the number as classic node.

    will update the wiki soon

    UPDATE: added documentation to the wiki: Truck_Description_File#Nodes2
    UPDATE: they are now usable in 0.38.41: Changelog#0.38.41

    Updated 06-22-11 at 08:46 AM by tdev

  3. internationalization: improvements

    , 06-15-11 at 11:32 PM
    i added a graphical text representation to the translation tool to help the translator identify the parts they should translate and which not.

    Green = translate-able
    Red = do not translate, integrate into text: those are formatting strings
    Blue = spaces

    also, bonus side effect: people cannot copy+paste into a bad translator anymore.

    UPDATE: also added ingame previews with the Cyberbit font. (see attached examples)

    Updated 06-16-11 at 12:16 AM by tdev

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Name:	gees.png 
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Name:	format1.png 
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Name:	spaces.png 
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  4. visitor stats for last week

    , 06-15-11 at 04:04 PM
    great! thanks everyone!

    (one red dot means one or more visits)

    see interactive version here
  5. RoR - multi language support

    , 06-15-11 at 10:06 AM
    RoR is now 100% translate-able. Not as previously just the configurator, but the whole game, settings, menus, etc. Basically any strings you can see as a user are now translate-able.

    The Config format and Log files will stay in English, so we could provide support

    see below for some examples using the polish language.

    help to translate, add/fix phrases there:

    Updated 06-15-11 at 10:59 AM by tdev

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mygui.png 
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Name:	oldgui.png 
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Name:	lang1.png 
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ID:	209012 
  6. RoR versioning improvements

    , 06-08-11 at 01:00 AM
    we finally removed this "version.txt" hack and now have proper windows file versioning. Look yourself: right click on RoR.exe (or any other RoR shipped .exe) and select "Details":

    this feature is available with the just-released "0.38.37" version: Changelog#0.38.37

    use the updater to get it

    UPDATE: new installer ready as well: files/rigsofrods/0.38/RoR-Setup-0.38.37.exe/download

    Updated 06-08-11 at 02:12 AM by tdev

  7. repository maintenance work

    , 06-06-11 at 05:10 PM
    fixed up a bit here and there:
    • repo descriptions: youtube parsing, old style link parsing
    • tag saving: fixed bug that let the tags disappear
    • tag handling: we now have tags that are only set-able from admins
    • file saving: fixed several bugs that resulted in invalid file states
    • file mainentance: added "fix broken files" and "fix broken tags" programs
    • minor GUI modifications: fixed some opera display bug, Tag list is now separated with a comma
    • added new admin function: "reset Modification time to creation time" to move modified files back to their original place

    added new admin gui for selecting a parent file:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	parent.png 
Views:	365 
Size:	104.5 KB 
ID:	206572

    content pack wise updates:
    uploaded all missing bits and pieces that were not online yet (thanks to lenni).

    The 0.37 content pack can now be found there:
    (gabesters cars are missing though :-/)

    Updated 06-06-11 at 05:14 PM by tdev

  8. 0.38: status update

    , 06-01-11 at 02:45 PM
    some little recap after the 0.38 release 10 days ago:
    • we got 23.543 downloads of 0.38.33 so far (link)
    • seems we got no really bad bugs, just the usual isolated problems that are specific to certain hardware, computers or people

    so all in all I'm very happy that this went so smooth this time

    looking forward to fix more bugs and add more features.

    PS: someone finally discovered my easter egg

    forum-wise: we even got a random thank you post, uncommon but shows that are nice people out there

    also, we have a new italian sub-board:
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