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  1. Released!

    , 08-26-15 at 12:08 AM

    Hello there, we are happy to announce you the release of Rigs of Rods It is a small update which fixes a noticeable crash that prevented users from playing around with trains.

    • Fixed crash on driving through railway switches. (reworked physics collision code)
    • Added shadows support to more default models.
    • Removed unneeded text from notice box.
    • Improved shadows quality.
    • Texture improvements.


    The update will be available on the updater in the next 24 hours.

    Discuss it here!

    Updated 08-26-15 at 01:55 AM by max98

  2. The "free Dev badges for everyone" debacle

    , 08-25-15 at 11:30 PM
    Hello RoR community.

    I'd like to address, and most importantly, take action in the culminated cause of user Skybon. It's something I should obviously have done much sooner. Today afternoon, I permanently removed Skybon from our GitHub organization and I'm inviting TDev back with an apology. For those unfamiliar with the recent events, TDev had recently asked for access to our GitHub repository which he got granted by Max98 and immediately revoked by Skybon, officially because the admin change was non-consensual. This was a moment when many members of the community ran out of patience with him and expressed a concern about RoR's further direction.

    I'd like to say that I'm very unhappy about the recent events and I see them as largely my own fault. For starters, I wasn't being extra careful when distributing user rights to new members. But most importantly, I didn't even bother to watch what's happening on the non-technical discussion channels.

    When I began working on RoR almost 2 years ago, I was the only active developer around. My strategy was not to create any pressure and gradually take over the project by continuing the previous development plus modifying the code to be more maintainable and extensible. Of course, the more contributors, the better, but all local devs had gone, so I was ready to accept help from anyone with the skills and passion. Coders with actual skills don't grow on trees. Attracting contributions from outside the community was in fact an important reason behind our migration to GitHub.

    Skybon entered the scene by reporting and fixing some linux compilation issues. An actual contribution from the outside - great! He also made valid remarks (security, mostly) about our website infrastructure and he actually coded a prototype of a brand new (fancy!) website. Another actual contribution. I'm not a big friend of web development and this guy knew all the latest fancy trends. And he was productive. I recognized he needs some token of respect, and I wanted to keep him around, so I needed to decide: Make him a developer and risk that he'll abuse the position, or keep him outside and risk he'll disappear as fast as he appeared? I took my chances with option A - what can he damage under a version control, anyway?

    I can't say I underestimated the damage such a member can do - I didn't even realize the possibility. I thought it takes writing some bad code to damage a project's reputation. I'm not a very talkative person, I limit communication to technical discussions and I like to spend most time working behind closed doors. I naively thought I can go on working like this while giving complete freedom to newcomer devs. Turns out it doesn't really work.

    Anyway, to coin a czech phrase, "end's good - all's good". I've chatted about this with TDev through Skype and was very friendly, saying he considers it a "lesson learned" for me, which I totally agreed. Thus, this website and all it's services will remain in operation and I'll think twice the next time I'm assigning privileges to newcomers.

    Stay tuned.

    PS: Post comments to this thread.

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  3. released!

    , 08-21-15 at 03:46 PM

    Hello folks

    The dev team is happy to announce an alpha build for the first bugfix release of the 0.4.5 NextStable series. It contains several fixes that didn’t make it to in time or were discovered after NextStable release.


    • Fixed crash on driving through railway switches.
    • Added shadows support to more default models.
    • Removed unneeded text from notice box.
    • Improved shadows quality.

    Get it

    In line with our digital distribution policy there is no packaged archive release for test builds.

    Windows users can use the updater shipped with 0.4.5 to test out this build. In order to enable test releases change:

    DevBuilds = false
    DevBuilds = true
    in game directory / update.ini

    Linux users can use automated scripts to download and build the latest snapshot.


    As usual, this is only a test build, do not use it if you’re afraid to spoil gaming experience by sudden bugs. We tried to weed them out, though, I promise

    Thank you for playing Rigs of Rods and we hope you enjoy the NextStable release series.

    Discuss it here!
  4. Railway switches are working now

    , 08-17-15 at 02:55 AM
    Hello everyone,

    The annoying rail switch crash bug has been fixed today. See this commit for more information. The fix will be deployed as part of upcoming release.

    Get your steel wheels ready! Thank you for playing RoR NextStable.

    Artem Vorotnikov
    Rigs of Rods development team

    Discuss it here!

    Updated 08-17-15 at 04:48 AM by skybon

  5. 10th anniversary of Rigs of Rods, 0.4.5 Nextstable released!

    , 08-11-15 at 10:58 PM

    Dear Rigs of Rods community,

    Today is a special day for all of us. On this day, 10 years ago, the first version of Rigs of Rods soft body physics simulator was released to the public by Pierre Michel-Ricordel (known as pricorde).

    Rigs of Rods started as a tech demo. It demonstrated something that was unexpected at this time: the simulation of Spring-Mass-Damper systems in real time. Luckily for all of us development did not stop there. Now, 10 years and many milestones later, Rigs of Rods can simulate trucks, trains, submarines, boats, planes, helicopters, motorbikes, Mars rovers and perhaps other things yet to be discovered.

    Without doubt one of the key reasons why Rigs of Rods achieved this success is its open-source nature and its community. As it grew, many developers, moderators, modders and administrators have contributed their time, skills and knowledge to the project. A special shout out goes to our fellow modders who remained committed to creating content for the game and thus keeping it alive for all these years.

    The Rigs of Rods Team is proud to present another stable release exactly 10 years after the first public release:


    Major changes from 0.38.67:

    • A main menu!
    • GUI overhaul
    • new .truck file parser
    • new terrain format
    • simple AI available through Angelscript API
    • added simulation of turbochargers
    • many bug fixes as usual

    The full changelog can be found at:

    To download the release head to our download page:

    Important notes:
    Due to the new terrain system old terrains which were not made for or higher are not compatible anymore. However, many old terrains have already been converted and new exciting ones have been speficially designed for 0.4.

    You can find terrains for RoR 0.4 and higher here:
    - terrains converted from 0.38: Updated-terrains-for-0-4-0-7-no-more-updates
    - If you want to convert an old terrain which hasn't been converted by someone else this may be useful to you:

    The new .truck parser is compatible with the old .truck format but more strict about syntax compared to the old parser. This is necessary to avoid ambiguous statements. All vehicle creators should check their creations with the new parser and eliminate syntax flaws. Thanks!

    Current Rigs of Rods team:

    • Petr Ohlidal (@only-a-ptr)
    • Niklas Kersten (@Hiradur)
    • Moncef Ben Slimane (@max98)
    • Artem Vorotnikov (@skybon)

    Discuss it here!

    Updated 08-11-15 at 11:14 PM by max98

    Official News
  6. Rigs of Rods Test Build 5 released!

    , 08-04-15 at 12:24 PM
    Key highlights
    • Added some new wallpapers.
    • Improved the parser, even more fault tolerance.
    • Fixed PSSM shadows. (Not perfect but much better than before)
    • Fixed Flares that could be activated in Pause Menu.
    • Fixed beam material using set_beam_defaults.
    • Fixed bug where beams couldn’t be connect to wheel nodes.
    • Fixed camera views glitch when switching cars.
    • Fixed crash when removing car in cabin camera.
    • Fixed creak sounds.
    • Feature: Turbo Wastegate and anti-lag simulation. (Sounds need some improvements)

    This build is now the closest result to what is coming with the release of the 11 August. This is also a Beta build.

    Known Issues
    • Trains may still randomly crash when going over a switch if inter-vehicle collision is enabled.
    • Shadows are very FPS-yummy and sometimes conflict with terrain’s layers. (E.g.: Auriga, Greece.)
    • Back to menu is not very stable yet.
    • Skidmarks have some memory leaks.
    • Ingame mapping not working yet.

    Documentation about how to add shadows to your models/vehicles will be coming soon, for the moment, only in-truck-file managed-materials support shadows and self-shadowing.

    How to download:

    From now on, Rigs of Rods can be updated automatically by a special utility. Download the updater from here. Just put it in any version of the game and it will upgrade Rigs of Rods to the latest release. You can also use the zip archive.

    This might be the last archived release though, since it is possible to use the updater given with the build.

    Updated 08-10-15 at 07:55 PM by max98

  7. Social media feeds

    , 08-04-15 at 04:42 AM
    Hello folks,

    Did you know that we have official social media feeds too now?


    Follow us so you never miss fresh RoR development news.

    Updated 08-04-15 at 04:50 AM by skybon

  8. [Trailer contest] RoR Promo Contest Trailer

    , 07-23-15 at 12:52 AM
    Hello everyone there!

    Few months ago, when we were officially nominated developers, someone whom I don't remember the name, was also asked to make a video trailer for RoR. But sadly that never happened.
    Today, we decided to hold a contest and ask you, players, to be part of the trailer.

    Read more: Trailer-contest-RoR-Promo-Contest-Trailer-0-4-5-0
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