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  1. kw433's Avatar
    Best than what I was expecting!
    I cant believe it, Finally we can to change map without quit from RoR!
    yaaaaaaaay I also like the new XXXXXL wallpapers XDXD
  2. crazycow666's Avatar
    Cant wait for ingame keymapping, ill be able to configure my lunchbox controller correctly
  3. Brandon 101's Avatar
    This is....AWESOME
  4. NothingToDo's Avatar
    This is...This is... *drools on himself* amazing!
  5. firelover's Avatar
    WoW very good work guys,i looking forward for play it
  6. max98's Avatar
    Let's all thank only_a_ptr for his amazing work on organizing the source and clearing few things, making other things possible. because without him, I believe that RoR wouldn't have progressed at all.
  7. Razer11's Avatar
    That's amazing!
  8. Domain_Hunter's Avatar
    amazing! you have implemented alot of good things
  9. negativeice's Avatar
    Love it
  10. firelover's Avatar
    keep it up !!!!,its seen RoR matures like wine,i looking forward to future of RoR,and i dont have problem with waiting for that .
    PS:show them what can do our Czech golden hands
  11. kraaktlevelmaker's Avatar
    You said:
    Expect future posts to be a lot more detailed and to the point, this post is somewhat bland because it just has too much to sum up.
    I think this blog post is detailed and contains enough information, in comparison with the last 2 years.
    I always thought somebody was still doing something to this project, I was wrong. But now the project is up again and this game can evolve to a better game, maybe even better than BeamNG .

    I hope you and the team will have fun evolving Rigs of Rods to a new level .
  12. Patriot12's Avatar
    Wish you the best of luck with this project! Rigs of Rods has really changed over the last few years, and it's good to see someone take the game's potential and really turn it into something.
  13. Outlawed's Avatar
    Seriously this post made me beyond happy. Keep on plugging away and give yourselves a pat on the back!
  14. max98's Avatar
    Just to say few things, i'd like to also thank Clockworks for designing the GUI (I gave him the idea, he made it) and also to klink for both bugs-catching and for the new dashboards.
    Updated 3 Weeks Ago at 08:21 PM by max98
  15. NothingToDo's Avatar
    Wow.... when I did my first start of RoR about 5 months ago, forum was dying. No progress in ingame code, not so many mods progressing, not many members active. You and 3 other developers brought a life to this forum. Many members came back, many mods has been created. We, Rigs of Rods community, are thankful and proud from you. Long life Rigs of Rods!!!
  16. ShawnVallance's Avatar
    From the time I've been a member here, I have only found the .38.67 version as the stable one, but knowing that NextStable is being built has me both very excited and very happy, especially since it has been quite a long while since a very stable version has been out. I thank you and the other 3 contributors who are working day in and out to build the next big thing for RoR.
    Updated 3 Weeks Ago at 11:31 AM by ShawnVallance
  17. zipppy's Avatar
    Good to see you picking this up, PTR. Been here since the beginning, and if I could contribute, I would.

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