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  1. Vido89's Avatar
    Yes, yes and yes! Indeed we can see where things are going, the progress so for is more then great and features which are mentioned are much more then welcome, for me especially THE rig editor. Its so desperately needed and I even considered paying someone to do blender add-on since we already modelling body we could also create n/b, wheels ... etc with ease in blender. Im looking forward to new editor
  2. DeGa's Avatar
    The CAD approach looks really promising, great idea and great way to approach things. Indeed, rigging the vehicles manually requires quite a lot of efforts, but more importantly a deep knowledge of how the N/B structures work. That is somehow useless for anything in the "real world", but RoR. The CAD approach could make it more accessible, but also, and more importantly, would allow "real world" skills to be used when doing the vehicles.
    Keep up the great work!
  3. Hunter3081's Avatar
    Wow! Thanks for the progress report, really helps with knowing what to expect in the future.

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