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  1. firelover's Avatar
    Awesome news,i tagged it in calendar ;-)
  2. Neresar's Avatar
    чувак это просто афигительно!
  3. firelover's Avatar
    Good news !!!,i added it to favorites
  4. Ton03's Avatar
    Absolutely amazing job on these.

    Glad to see someone cared a bit of the site, not only the game itself.

    Keep the precious and useful job up.
  5. NothingToDo's Avatar
    That's great, it will be a great step forward. I love how the test homepage looks, it is just amazing.
  6. DeGa's Avatar
    Great job! Definitely a very nice improvement and fresh blow for RoR.

    I agree with the remark about the screenshots. Back in the day, there were screenshot competitions and a consistent editing of the images afterwards (thanks to Fat-Alfie), which gave the whole thing a much more professional feeling. Attention should also be paid in avoiding to highlight the RoR graphical shortfalls, such as the lighting on grass and so on. The settings also need to be right in terms of anti-aliasing, FoV, HDR, etc.

    Also, would it be possible to have a slide show rather than a fixed image fore the background?

    Anyway, keep up the great work, it really looks good. Love the icons too, and the overall neat and modern feeling of the thing.

  7. firelover's Avatar
    this is very nice news for morning,keep your good work
  8. DODGE charger's Avatar
    That looks great so far, much better designed than the current homepage. Though I have a couple suggestions. Maybe make the header grey, with orange text? I feel like it would better reflect the new GUI that max98 has cooked up. Also I noticed you used one of the new loading screens as the background, which is fine, I think. But the new loading screens look very unprofessional and inconsistent compared to the old ones, it's not necessarily the content being used, but rather the angle and lighting of the screenshots. So perhaps we could get some of the better screenshot-takers together and get something worked out to create an "official" package of loading/background images.

    Keep up the good work!
  9. tritonas00's Avatar
  10. firelover's Avatar
    WOW!!! I looking forward for it ;-)
  11. Brickman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bclub2
    i feel stupid, how do i open the menu?
    Yeah you are stupid. Especially replying to a 5 year old thread.
  12. bclub2's Avatar
    i feel stupid, how do i open the menu?

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