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  1. DevBlog: Progress report 01/2015

    , 3 Weeks Ago at 11:17 PM
    Hello all RoR fans!

    My name is Petr Ohlidal (a.k.a only_a_ptr) and I'd like to give you an update on RoR development in the past month. I'll also sum up all activity which has been going on since I joined the project - and there is a lot to sum up, RoR has changed signifficantly since then.

    I joined the project in fall of 2013. At the time, RoR was a dying project - the original authors left to develop a commercial BeamNG project and community had been inactive for more than 6 months or so. The last stable release was 2 years old and the new version was half-baked. I evaluated the state of the project, decided my priorities and started coding. For the first months, my effort had no visible outcome as I decided to rewrite some very internal logic, but finally I released several test builds and today, they're consolidated into a single development version which aspires for a new stable release.

    To my great cheer, my enthusiasm has sparkled a new wave of collaborative development, and today, RoR has 4 active developers:
    • Me ~ Self-invited lead coder, a code greasemonkey focused on internals and software architecture.
    • Max98 ~ Cheerful enthusiast with focus on GUI and graphics. Fixed some long standing graphic bugs.
    • Hiradur ~ Valuable compiler specialist and analyst. Keeps RoR running on Linux and inspects it with Valgrind for memory issues.
    • Aperion ~ Old community member and contributor who came back to help.

    At the moment, the development is aimed towards delivering a new stable release. This is very important to shake off the "dead project" feeling. RoR hasn't had a stable release in years and with new similarily-themed projects, BeamNG and SpinTires, it seemed that RoR will become history. That is, however, not going to happen. Not only RoR lives on, but it also stays unique among all competition. The planned release is dubbed NextStable and has a version number 0.4.5, which displays the signifficant leap from last available build This leap is well deserved, RoR has undergone a signifficant facelift and got rid of some long standing bugs which annoyed and discouraged players for too long. Also, major refactoring was done on the inside, to serve as groundwork for future enhancements and stability. This is a list of the most important archievements:
    • RoR got main menu! Until now, RoR worked in a straightforward scenario "start - select track - select vehicle - play - exit game", which wasn't really player-friendly. Also, the internal startup logic was over-complicated and slow, so it received a lot of fixes. Courtesy of Max98
    • RoR got new GUI skin. The previous "orange with bright orange" was really lame. New one comes in orange+black and really feels like a vehicle-driving game. Kudos to Max98
    • RoR got in-game configuration panels. Previously, all the configuration had to be done in external configurator, which works, but it's not very appealing to players. Thanks goes to Max98
    • RoR got a built-in editor for vehicles. Until now, modding had to be done with variety of external tools and a lot of hand-writing. However, this approach will soon be history. The editor is not fully featured yet, but it's architecture allows it to fully load/save the vehicle format and perform any modifications, with mouse and hotkeys, in an interactive environment. A primary inspiration for controls and workflow is Blender.
    • Rig definition file format (.truck) was completely re-coded. The old logic was flawed, bloated and effectively blocked any future enhancements. The new one is a separate component designed for stability and extensibility. It also allowed creating the rig editor. However, a lot of content stopped working in the process, sometimes due to bugs in new code, but often because of syntax flaws or inconsistencies and bad practices in .truck files themselves. Work is being done to fix the situation.
    • Max98 fixed two inflamous graphics bugs - shadows and skidmarks. He's also putting a lot of attention into sky, water and environment in general.

    Following is a list of things to definitely expect in NextStable:
    • It will provide a list of errors and warnings every time a vehicle spawned. This is mainly to help modders, but also to inform players of possible incompatibility of older content.
    • It will support most of the vehicles which are currently broken. Sadly, some of them will not be compatible due to legacy flaws or bad practices of mod authors.
    • Not much else to change. This is actually a good feature, because more changes would mean more waiting and I know everyone is already tired of waiting.

    Actually, if you feel like NextStable is coming out pretty slowly, it's not just you. I've been putting off the work for a long time because, honestly, bugfixing is boring and there is a lot of juicy redesign waiting to be done in the simulation code. So, instead of delivering what everybody is waiting for, I've been fiddling with the internals in my private development branches. Sorry guys. However, no more slacking off, I've published my experiments in my GitHub forks, consolidated my changes and I'm back to bugfixing.

    From now on, I'll be publishing a progress report blog post every month. This idea came from Max98, big thanks to him, a dev blog is a big step forward in presenting the project. Expect future posts to be a lot more detailed and to the point, this post is somewhat bland because it just has too much to sum up.

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  2. 2015: Updates

    , 01-15-15 at 12:35 AM
    Man, time sure flies, Rigs of Rods is nearly 10 years old!

    I just updated some things: The-future-of-the-RoR-forums-I-don-t-know-what-to-title-this

    Updated 01-15-15 at 02:49 AM by tdev

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  3. Ubuntu packages

    , 03-11-13 at 02:44 AM
  4. Sourceforge "Project of the month" November 2012

    , 11-01-12 at 11:59 PM
    We are the "Project of the month November 2012" on
    More details: Sourceforge-Project-of-the-month-November-2012
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  5. ROR and the Raspberry Pi

    , 10-27-12 at 01:27 PM
    A developer from our team (theshark) used his Raspberry Pi to display gauges for RoR

    Original Post (in german)

    Updated 10-27-12 at 01:30 PM by tdev

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  6. On-line race ranking massive development

    , 09-21-12 at 08:54 PM
    Thomas is wonderful! That being said...

    Have a look at the Multiplayer tab if you didn't have a chance those last days/weeks/months

    A major improvement in the game, in my opinion, is the recent development of on-line timescores.

    If you're not familiar with it yet,
    let me guide you through

    Begin by clicking the multiplayer tab of the forum.

    You'll arrive to a fancy page with a lot of icons

    • Understand how to race (it's not hard, really)

    • Access your personal times (go here if you don't know how to race)

    • See the latest changes in the leaderboards

    • See some key figures, updated real-time - you can see that it's pretty succesful already, looks like you like racing ;-)

    And a brand new functionnality, every user gets a global ranking! You can now access it by clicking this fancy button:

    It will get you to a global chart with a lot of information, and the global ranking! There is a ultra-secret formula to compute it.
    "Some say" that it accounts, amongst others, for the mass of sweat you produced when racing...

    You can sort it by the criteria you like, for example the amount of races done ever:

    If you want to know a bit more about a competitor, or see your own medals and palmares, click a user name:

    It will get you to the profile page, where you'll have noticed that you have a new tab called "races", where you can see all your medals:

    You want more people? OK, you can track yourself, or someone else by viewing all the data, and sorting it how you like by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page "view all data".

    The race system itself is full of functionnalities!

    It is now possible to set

    • Vehicle-specific challenge

    • Only verified vehicles races (only the vehicles currently available in the repository)

    Then again, a lot of info for you to analyze, such as graphic illustration of the quality of each section of the race

    it's green - you did a good time in that section
    it's red - well, you know what it means, don't you?

    And you can comment your laps and linking to a video of it 8-| That's just great!

    So you're making maps

    If you have uploaded a terrain on the repository, and you'd like some on-line leaderboards to be created for you, contact me (DeGa) through PM.
    Know that:

    • You will need to provide 1 image per race, uploaded in a public place (nothing related to rigs of rods forums), closest from 16:9 ratio, min 500*300
    • You will need to race all your races yourself, and make sure that your times land here
    • Race the EXACT version you uploaded on the repository (best practice is to upload, download this exact file, race it)
    • Include in your PM if you would like to have vehicle-specific races - in this case, again, race this exact race, with this exact vehicle
    • Be polite ;-)

    If you're used to publish maps for RoR, you will be given direct access to the management of your races.

    Updated 10-08-12 at 06:05 PM by DeGa

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  7. 0.39: progress

    , 01-29-12 at 08:43 PM
    a little preview of what to expect from 0.39:

    fixed Bug #142 - Backspace doesn't reset truck correctly on mesh terrains

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mesh_reset.jpg 
Views:	1046 
Size:	277.6 KB 
ID:	287857

    new character model (animations by 09Challenger)we are still working on the swim animation.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new_char.jpg 
Views:	851 
Size:	72.6 KB 
ID:	287858

    new GUI in the work, complete with GUI editor:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new_gui.jpg 
Views:	957 
Size:	210.0 KB 
ID:	287865Click image for larger version. 

Name:	guitool.jpg 
Views:	1067 
Size:	187.3 KB 
ID:	287866

    improved new race systen:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	races.jpg 
Views:	883 
Size:	147.1 KB 
ID:	287859Click image for larger version. 

Name:	racing.jpg 
Views:	765 
Size:	262.8 KB 
ID:	287864

    airplane GUI fully working again (mouse in front of dashboard, buttons usable, text fits again)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	airplane_gui.jpg 
Views:	895 
Size:	252.4 KB 
ID:	287862

    new truck limit: increased from 64 to 5000
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	limit.jpg 
Views:	1512 
Size:	102.6 KB 
ID:	287856

    more changes so far: Changelog

    stay tuned

    Updated 01-31-12 at 09:50 AM by tdev

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  8. FGA - Free Game Alliance

    , 10-20-11 at 12:08 PM
    Name:  fga.png
Views: 20926
Size:  13.1 KB
    We are proud to be part of the Free Game Alliance, an initiative started to promote collaborative game development and open source.
    As a member of the alliance we want to support all games selected and so we encourage you to download and play them all. Let's strengthen together the world of free gaming!
    Use the Logo in our Footer to visit them and test out the other great games
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